Shy High Releases His Compelling Single, “parasite”

Olive Soki

After teasing and creating a fair amount of anticipation around his new single, Shy High finally gave the people a song well worth the wait.

“Parasite” chronicles the experience of having the memory of a significant other imprinted so deeply into your day to day and mind that it’s almost impossible to get past it. While the track is fairly short, Shy High makes use of every second to accurately portray this phenomenon.

Matching the moody and slightly disorienting production with his descriptive lyrics and varying flows, the lyrical and instrumental progression of the track turns what might feel like a second hand experience into a first hand encounter. While he starts out rather calmly, the song slowly but surely escalates. From casually recounting the feeling of being one with a person in the chorus, to slowly becoming overwhelmed by this complicated and omnipresent figure, the song builds right up to the end, leaving the listener both satisfied and ready for more.

Similarly to its precedent, “clam chowder,” Shy High successfully delivered another track that is sure to stick with you for a while – a bit like a parasite.

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