Deante’ Hitchcock Proves He’s Better Off “Alone”

Kieran Kohorst

Being able to play a role in music is essential. Whether it be as a producer, songwriter, lead artist, or guest,  efforts are much more admirable when cumulative. However, there is danger in excelling too much in these roles. Some artists are labeled as “feature artists” simply because they perform well as guests, or lead artists are accused of being “carried” by others who rise to the occasion provided by the host. Deante’ Hitchcock has been a victim of both of these categorizations, two that seemingly contradict each other.

As this contradiction proves, Hitchcock is simply a well-rounded artist that performs in all conditions, as his fans will attest. Evidence lies in the deluxe release of his 2020 album BETTER and his recent releases, including the Valentine’s Day-themed project Everyday the 14th from this year. Now, Hitchcock brings his lyric-centered approach to new single “Alone,” in which he candidly considers the stakes of love through a unique lens. “We’re so busy trying to be understood we forget how to be understanding,” Hitchcock says of the song’s sentiment. “Everybody’s trying to figure this thing out, but it’s so hard, man. On one end, it’s like I’m better off alone, so I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s shit, but it’s also like ‘damn, I’m better off alone to not have to deal with my shit either.’ But I’m trying, you know.” 

“Alone” is the first of a number of relationship-driven songs due from Hitchcock in 2022. He’s currently riding high off the Grammy-nomination of Revenge of The Dreamers III, in which he featured on “PTSD” alongside Omen, Mereba, and St. Beauty. His skills as an artist, particularly his lyricism and delivery, are a product of the competitive environment he has placed himself in during his career. After sharing tracks with JID, 6lack, and Kenny Mason, he has come out on the other side a better artist through-and-through.

Also notable is Hitchcock’s partnership with Atlanta’s nonporfit Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs Women’s Business Center. Together they launched The Mother God Project, in which the program will provide assistance to 100 women within the community in order to successfully launch their own business. His efforts to better the community that raised him are as admirable as his talents with a microphone. After being recognized as one of the most important artists of the new Southern rap wave, Hitchcock is taking his responsibilities to represent his roots to another level.

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