Take a Blast to the Past on Cesar Santalo’s New Single “IT'S JUST A GAME"

Freddie Fine

Simultaneously feeling like the epitome of what I heard on the radio growing up yet with more modern genre bending techniques, “IT’S JUST A GAME” by Cesar Santalo is a refreshing listen. It’s reminiscent of the electronic MGMT style combined with the pop ballads of Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber – fitting for the Miami native that grew up surrounded by major creative diversity.

Production from Rocci brings forth a sonic whirlwind. What seems like a feel good indie pop track quickly transitions a striking, electronic laced banger as Santalo shows off his vocal ability. This switch aligns with Santalo’s thought process during the creation of the track, which he described as, "I started off this song like any other song, but as I began to write it I realized I was writing the soundtrack to my own life. Life is a game and we are all players in it. There are sometimes where we are winners and sometimes we are losers. Each of us has made up, largely unconsciously, a set of rules (our values) and we follow those rules to play the game."

While I don’t know what is coming next from Santalo, he has certainly proven that the quality of music will always shine through in his past releases. Listen to the new track below:

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