Smino Deserves it All on Latest Single, “I Deserve”

Freddie Fine

Everyone loves to listen to Yeezy and Weezy, and oh yeah Smeezy, he did it for The Glory. Smino’s latest release, “I Deserve” featuring NOS., is hitting on all cylinders. Take this as an opportunity to put him on your radar if you haven’t yet - his last album, NOIR, came out in 2018, and the mixtape She Already Decided was released in early 2020. However, Smino has been busy in 2021, even hinting at a new album being on the way. “MLK Dr” was his first release of the year, while collaborations with Saba on “Plead The .45th” and Syd on “Right Track” are just some of the features propelling him back into the limelight. No matter what he does, he simply cannot miss - like Wilt Chamberlain on February 24, 1967.

Kal Banx is masterful on the production, beginning with a sample of Gucci Mane’s “My Kitchen” while perfectly balancing a mellow piano with drums and bass throughout. Smino highlights his versatility on the track, displaying a side to him that isn’t often seen. He delivers introspective vocals, reflecting on his success and rise to the top. The St. Louis native has only been improving since his debut EP blkjuptr in 2015, since releasing two classic albums while forming supergroup Ghetto Sage with Chicago based rappers Noname and Saba. However, being in the public eye for so long takes a toll on him, as he addresses what it’s like dealing with the pain and struggles that come with it. He feels a need to put on a facade in order to present a false persona to the public.

On the chorus, Smino sings about ways he alleviates his pain - between drugs, alcohol, women, and spending money. He feels that this is the best way of healing, and he deserves to do these things because of what he is going through. He buries his feelings, and as NOS. sings on the bridge, Smino “Gets in [his] head and thinks about it.”

“Rice and Gravy” may have been his last release but “I Deserve” is a four course meal. Listen to the new single below:

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