Merlyn Wood and CONNIE Team Up for Intergalactic Single, "S.Y.K"

Freddie Fine

Merlyn Wood has always stood out for bringing maximum energy to every BROCKHAMPTON track. Whether that was on “1999 WILDFIRE,” “WINDOWS,” or “ZIPPER,” his rambunctious rapping style consistently stands out. This energy shines on his first solo release in four years, “S.Y.K.” with CONNIE. If you haven’t heard of CONNIE yet, put the producer on your radar – he engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered the track. The production on the song is quite literally other worldly – in quality and through the sound. Accompanied by a chaotic, hyper pop-feeling music video directed by CONNIE and WellKnownStudios and insane animations by Cecisariol, the duo clearly has immaculate chemistry.

Merlyn took to his Twitch with CONNIE half an hour before the song’s release and through the YouTube premiere in order to connect with his community. When asked what the craziest story he had about CONNIE, Merlyn said that CONNIE asked him if he ever tried rapping with poop in his pants. In response to whether or not he had, CONNIE said, “Let me just say this new shit real funky.” The artists were building off each other’s energy the whole time, both visibly very proud to have the song out. The chemistry is very apparent on the track, working together seamlessly.

Any expectations you could have had for the song have been completely blown out of the water. Riddled with heavy bass, spaceship sound effects, and a catchy hook, the single bursts in your face. If you asked me to fathom what I could have imagined the track sounding like, it ticks every box. Merlyn delivers popping lines over and over again, something that had been missing in his far too minimized roles in BROCKHAMPTON songs. If this is just the first collaboration of the Merlyn-CONNIE duo then the future is incredibly bright. The visuals perfectly encapsulate every feeling of the song; throughout the infectious, blue tinted, glitchy animations: Merlyn and CONNIE are enjoying the song in the same way any fans would – dancing with one another. The outro to the song has reverbed vocals and a building energy, enhanced by sped up infrared visuals. This is all topped off by a final shot of Merlyn, which, as he explained in the Twitch stream, required CONNIE dropping many worms on Merlyn’s face as he laid down, grinning.

The video is a must watch, the song is a must listen, and the experience is a must have. Check it all out below: 

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