Conversation’s are Classic in Reneé Rapp’s Debut Album ‘Snow Angel’ [Album Review]

Making her debut album release, Reneé Rapp’s Snow Angel is an upbeat pop-filled album with R&B undertones showcasing Rapp’s strong vocals compared to her more slowed down EP, Everything to Everyone. As of more recently known for her broadway introduction and acting roles of another upcoming theatrical project, Rapp’s music career has taken an exponential rise as evident in her last sold out North American tour towards the end of 2022 and in preparation for another upcoming tour this fall. 

Executively produced by another amazing artist, Alexander 23, and songwriting credits including Jon Bellion and Justin Tranter, Snow Angel doesn’t exactly have a plot bringing together each track but rather individual tracks that have a story of their own. "Talk Too Much" starts the album with aggressive and recognizable power chords introducing the chorus while the verses are sung softly as though Rapp is trying to prevent herself from saying too much at all. "Tummy Hurts" starts similarly to the sounds of SZA, and again, has the feel of a more R&B track with proclamations of feeling hurt by a relationship with a man. She reads into the future that he becomes a father to another woman’s children. In the end, she’s thankful for moving on while stating the karma that is his daughters being treated the way he negatively treated her. My favorite track off the album is "Pretty Girls." "Pretty Girls," as greatly favored for the queer community, starts soft in the verses while being upbeat and poppy in the chorus. It is the unfortunate plot of being queer while being vulnerable with someone straight. And as the pace of the song matches the lyrics' story, it’ll make you want to spontaneously run off with someone just as exciting. "It’s a blessing and a curse, so keep on pretending to be a pretty girl."

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