Solomon Fox Steps Into the Light with New Single “Never Let Me Go”

Kieran Kohorst

It's not common for a young artist to be as assured and polished as Solomon Fox on “Never Let Me Go,” the newest release for the singer-songwriter. The newest addition to his limited catalog as a solo artist, the track is far from Fox’s entrance into music. Having written or produced for Smino, Emilene, and Thundercat, Fox’s ability to cater to other artists in the past seems to have influenced his individual vision. On “Never Let Me Go,” all aspects of the song work in unison to reflect a casual relationship that has escalated to a point of no return. The kaleidoscopic atmosphere of the track coordinates with the woozy vocals supplied by Fox, a comfortable ascent into an intoxicating listen.

“Never Let Me Down” is Fox’s third release of 2022, each more impressive than the one prior and his newest drop serving as further proof. His other releases this year, “If You Can Get Me Through This One” and “You Piss Me Off,” show a sonic lineage in Fox’s discography that still manages to prove his creative diversity. Most notable on his resume is producing the 2020 Oscar-nominated track “Stand Up” with Cynthia Erivo. Still, the most exciting stretch of Fox’s career seems to be what is next. Sure to put you in a summer daze, “Never Let Me Go” is a first impression that is built to last.

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