Harrison Lipton Prophesied His Own Heartbreak with “Speedracer” [Premiere]

Jackie Verba

Vulnerability in love songs is what makes them interesting, and real vulnerable feelings regarding love are not always super cordial. However, knowing the nitty gritty and rawness of art makes it cooler for me. I can respect a listener who wants to know those various nuances that come with an artwork's creation, and I can appreciate an artist that chooses to reveal them. Maybe that’s a little pretentious to say, but let's be honest, you wouldn’t be reading a music blog if you weren’t a little bit pretentious yourself.

Harrison Lipton’s lyricism and self-reflection in his new release “Speedracer,” make clear that as soon as you can sense the end of a relationship, there is an undeniable undertone of melancholy. With that, it is still very possible to juxtapose your sadness and make an upbeat banger of a song, Lipton definitely proves that. The single is no-question catchy, artfully combining Hadji Gaviota and Ivy Sole’s features to truly make a sonically complete creation. The combination of warm synths, heavy basslines and R&B components, make the self-produced track Lipton’s coolest song to date.

To tie the song up with a bow and have it ready for gift-giving, Lipton shares a complex layer (any fulfills my nosy guilty pleasure) stating the following about the creation: “My ex and I made the video while we were dating. The heartbreak in the song has become a self-fulfilling prophecy as we broke up, but we decided to still share this with the world as a testament to what we had.” The official video for “Speedracer” combines the creative minds of Lipton himself alongside director Genevieve Andrews, producer Claire Demere, and Jake DeNicola.

I can conclude that witnessing an artist express their vulnerabilities in a multidimensional way is a genuinely captivating and unique thing. Get an exclusive early look at the music video below:

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