Songs to Add to Your Fall Playlist

Ben Higgins

Fall season has arrived, and if you’re like me, your music taste changes with the seasons. While the days of sunshine and beaches may be behind us, what lies ahead is months of beautiful changing leaves and busting out your favorite fashion for sweater weather. I’m so excited for the shift into autumn, so here are some songs that feel like fall.

“Hurt” by Arlo Parks

If there was a grammy for “Best Fall Artist,” it very well may go to Arlo Parks. The sensational R&B singer first grabbed my attention with her 2021 album Collapsed in Sunbeams. "Hurt" is perfect for the fall because of its simplicity; layered beautifully with a laid back rhythm section, background harmonies, acoustic guitar, and horns on top of her silky vocals, this song reminds me of a late afternoon stroll.

“Message (Better Days)” by Pawpaw Rod

Pawpaw Rod is without a doubt an artist to watch. His sound is reminiscent of classic soul artists like Al Green combined with all the best elements of modern alt-hiphop. “Message (Better Days)” brings out warm colors in my vision, and utilizes classic soul sounds like the watery rhodes piano, and a full horn section. Filled with positive affirmations to get you through your day, this jam is perfect for a morning walk to class on a brisk autumn day.

“Pink + White - Live at Electric Lady” by Remi Wolf

This song is the best of both worlds; a timeless classic of a song combined with a voice I will never get sick of. Remi Wolf's take on this song is phenomenal, paying homage to an artist she credits as inspiration. This cover puts her incredible vocal range on display, and is well supported by her live band at Electric Lady, all combining to create audio that acts like hot and smooth tea for my ears.

“Circles” by Will Paquin

Will Paquin first gained attention on TikTok through his freakishly complex and unique style of guitar playing. His songwriting has only solidified himself as an artist that is truly special. I can’t get enough of the rapid finger plucking in this song combined with incredibly creative drumming. “Circles,” creates an autumn aura of falling leaves and driving down rural roads.

“Time Goes “Bye”” by Jex

Jex’s breakout single had to be included in this list. The production on "Time Goes "Bye"" creates so much stank face you'd think you was sprayed by a skunk after listening. Jex tops it off with lustrous vocals like a lullaby, creating a perfect song for a mellow autumn sunset.

“Annie” by Dijon

I know I nominated Arlo for the best fall artist, but Dijon deserves his fall vibes flowers. This entire album is perfect for sweater weather, but this song in particular stands out to me due to its easy going nature. Dijon has one of those voices that inherently brings out all of your stress and emotions. "Annie" is a fantastic way to wind down after a long autumn day and get cozy.

“ZIG ZAGGING” by Asha Imuno

Asha Imuno has blown up this year, and it couldn’t be more deserved. Asha brings a unique and refreshing sound to the music scene, and “ZIG ZAGGING,” is just another example of his artistry. Driven through an energetic muted guitar riff, pair this song with your afternoon coffee to keep you going through your autumn day.

“Multiply” by Dora Jar

Dora Jar brings out all the feels in her hit single “Multiply.” With a catchy acoustic guitar line and vocals that breaks the rules of traditional music theory, this song is a breath of fresh autumn air and makes me envision the leaves changing in time lapse. Be sure to listen for some of the insane vocal riffs Dora Jar sings in this track, because there are not many singers capable of what she can do.

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