SONNY Cultivates a New Chicago Sound With “A.G.N.B.” [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

Every time I hear SONNY, I want to run through a brick wall and fight somebody. After releasing a couple of singles early in the year, the Chicago emcee just released his grimy nine track project, “A.G.N.B.” Stop sleeping on him, seriously. This album is meant for shows, for working out, and it sounds great in the car.

Let’s start with the intro, “K.O.D.,” which he raps over a haunting piano loop. It sets the perfect tone for what this project is —  brash beats and demented flows. My personal favorite is “PRIMA DONNA,” because as soon as I think he is going to stop rapping, he cleverly switches his flow leaving my jaw dropped. He follows it with “BELIEVE,” featuring NombreKari and Bandhunta KT, and I can’t begin to tell you how solid the chemistry is on this track. “TRYNA HEAL” takes creative flow with these beautiful soulful pitched up vocal chops. This might be SONNY’s best raw rapping to date. His wordplay and effortless ability to rhyme is unreal.

“A.G.N.B.” closes with “NEXT OF KIN” featuring KAMI’s off-kilter, yet fantastic flows, and “THROUGH EVERYTHING,” where SONNY raps over this brilliant sample. It is a laid back cut, and the perfect end to this boisterous project. This just made me excited to see what else he has in store, because if this is just the start, the music industry better be ready.

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