Who Is Galaxy Francis?

Ian Hansen

If you are into vibes and charming melodies, Galaxy Francis is the perfect listen. The self-identified “Rap&B” singer, rapper, and producer from Chicago just released his song, “The Shining” which features Jay Wood, and it full of vibrant energy. While in a similar lane as the likes of Smino and Chicago’s very own, Saba, Francis has his own deliberate neo-soul direction.

“The Shining” is Galaxy Francis’ first release of the year and fourth total, and for an artist this new to the scene, the quality is far and beyond what you would expect. “The Shining,” highlights Francis’ clever wordplay on lines such as, “I be really waking up with a Vision like Wanda, see I’m fond of the wiser moves, and I came with the Lane like some bowling shoes.” The track takes obvious inspiration from Stanley Kubrik’s film, “The Shining,” with references such as the famous “red rum” line.

Galaxy Francis has too much potential and talent to go unnoticed for much longer. The witty word play, the gratifying vocals, and everything in between is going to keep Galaxy Francis in the game for a long time.

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