The Aquadolls Dish on Enigmatic Situationships With Their Latest Single, “Sneaky”

Olive Soki

The music industry, like many avenues in pop-culture, is subjected to its own feedback loops and cycles. However, unlike the fashion industry, which time and time again successfully resurfaces fads of the past, it isn’t as easy to pry fans away from past iterations of certain genres and scenes. To do so takes a great deal of knowledge as well as ingenuity to project iconic iterations of genres into the future; all attributes found in The Aquadolls latest single, “Sneaky.”

Combining romantic angst with heavy and at times, dreamlike, instrumentation, “Sneaky” speaks directly to their self-ascribed title of “mermaid rock and roller.” As they channel influences such as The Breeders and Cocteau Twins the track flows between different dynamic and textural states. Falling in and out of clear and reflective, shoegaze adjacent, verses and explosive chorus, Melissa sings quite convincingly of  situationships and their unique sets of trepidations.

Speaking on the meaning behind “Sneaky,”  lead singer Melissa Brooks shares, “‘Sneaky’ tells the story of the uncertainties of what could come from a late-night hookup. Unsure if the other person is growing feelings or only physical attraction, this song shows the struggle of being someone’s dirty little secret.”

A rather enticing preview of their upcoming record, titled Charmed, “Sneaky” makes a case for The Aquadolls ability to utilize sounds perfected by alt-rock’s greatest legends while creating a clear and innovative vision.

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