Spencer Sutherland Is Reinvigorated on the Deluxe Release of 'In His Mania' [Album Review]

Kieran Kohorst

Amidst a pop landscape that is as inclusive sonically as it's ever been, it's fair to regard Spencer Sutherland as a classic man of the genre. From his Elvis-inspired style to his army of fans and undeniably anthemic appeal, his talent is likely to have thrived in any era. Today, his talent manifests itself in TikTok covers heard by millions, on-screen with Victoria Justice in Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party, and his debut album, In His Mania, with all of the above showcasing Sutherland’s attention-grabbing presence no matter the medium. As an encore of sorts after the uproarious praise for In His Mania, Sutherland has shared a deluxe edition of the record that includes 6 additional songs, fittingly featuring some of the biggest collaborations of his career thus far. 

For “Chicken Little,” Sutherland recruits Meghan Trainor to fortify what should now stand as the heir-apparent to Drake and Lil Wayne’s “The Motto” as the universal YOLO anthem. Original tracklist standout “Everybody” gets a lift from JESSIA, who serves as an adrenaline shot when she bursts onto the track; the song appears again to conclude the deluxe album as a live performance from The Belasco Theater, with screaming fans bringing the excitement around the chorus to an all-time high. “Strange Feeling” receives its own remix with pitch-perfect guest gnash appearing on the song, who brings a differing yet complimentary energy to the ballad. All in all, the deluxe release of In His Mania accomplishes just what it was meant to, maintaining the core principles of the original release while proving to fans, there’s more where that came from.

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