Andrea Bejar Asks The Hard Questions on “Quien Tengo Que Ser”

Kieran Kohorst

On new track “Quien Tengo Que Ser,” Miami-based artist Andrea Bejar takes on her most fierce opponent. A measured meditation of self, the rising singer-songwriter is earnestly inquisitive to no fault. “Yo, quiero ser mejor que ayer / Lo intentaré hoy otra vez,” she opens lustfully, later digressing, “Despite what I’d like to see / The tide rolls in.” Rich with tempered optimism, there are no immediate answers for Bejar to embrace. Her voice routinely quakes on the track, representative of the strength necessary for Bejar to share such insecurities; she doesn’t seem completely stable, but her faith grounds her in the moments of “Quien Tengo Que Ser.” The track is an example of Bejar’s courage as a songwriter, fearlessly taking on such brutal topics in the youth of her career. Her presence transcends any language barrier, with her performance itself striking a universal nerve. Bejar’s gravity-defying voice floats above the naturalistic production of the track, occasionally stacking her vocals for the most ethereal effect.

“Quien Tengo Que Ser” is Bejar’s second single of 2023, following up the equally-satisfying “Despierto.” Mexico-born and Miami-raised, Bejar’s roots run deep in the Latin music landscape. Growing up in a bilingual household, she was exposed to a variety of music that informs her music today. Her inspirations are wide-ranging, from classic rock to traditional Mexican music, alt-pop, and the soulful ballads she so effortlessly replicates. Bejar routinely lends her voice to soulful covers on her TikTok, as well as offering previews of new music to come. As she grows stronger with each release, Andrea Bejar gets closer and closer to answering her own question: “Who Do I Have To Be?” As it turns out, she is fully capable of answering that herself.

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