David Kushner Releases Highly Anticipated Viral Single “Daylight”

Perry Avgerinos

If for some reason you weren’t aware of the incredible momentum David Kushner has built with his new song "Daylight," then let us quickly catch you up to speed. Possibly one of the most highly anticipated releases fueled by TikTok in recent memory, David Kusner’s “Daylight” has absolutely skyrocketed on the app after posting a snippet on January 21st, 2023. With powerful chords and chanty vocals reminiscent of Hozier and Bon Iver, Kushner nailed a sound that has been lacking for fans alike. Early on during the teasing process of “Daylight,” Kushner called for fans on the app to help get Hozier’s attention to hop on the track, as David mentions in the video how he is a fan and how much of an inspiration Hozier is to him. Kushner even got the Dublin producer Rob Kirwan, who has worked with Hozier many times to produce the track. With every video teasing the song hitting millions of views, it became just an eager waiting game for David to finally give the people what they wanted.

At the time of writing this, Kushner posted a TikTok showing the song already has 2.9 million streams and counting in the first 8 hours since release. The Spotify stats even show that 28,383 people were currently listening. Those are astronomical numbers. This song is shaping up to be a timeless anthem. Back in late October of 2022, we checked in with Kushner and asked him a few questions before his show at Moroccan lounge (a 250 person capacity venue). And in just a matter of six months, Kushner seems to be ready to do shows for thousands of people. I mean, it’s not hard to see why the song is connecting so much – the paradoxical lyricism, his emotional vocal delivery, and the chords strike right through the heart.

This also isn't Kushner’s first time connecting in a major way through TikTok. But what is so impressive is that many of his songs have gotten viral success before release. “Daylight” may just be the single to solidify that David Kushner is here to stay, and you will be hearing from him a lot more in the years to come. And who knows, maybe Hozier will hop on the remix – wouldn't that be something. Check out “Daylight” below:

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