Spotify Launches Independent Artists' "Fresh Finds" Program

Rachel Guttman

Spotify has just announced a new partnership program for independent artists that has resulted from its popular playlist, “Fresh Finds.” “Fresh Finds” was launched in 2016 and has playlisted over 25,000 artists to date. In addition, it has helped to kickstart careers of many well-known artists such as Omar Apollo and Aminé. Along with thirteen regional “Fresh Finds” playlists around the globe, this specific program aims to help independent artists grow, learn, collaborate, and facilitate the develop of skills for a long-term career in music.

In order to begin their initiative, Spotify chose four artists to join their first “class” of the “Fresh Finds” program. These artists include some Sheesh familiar faces: Wallice, Unusual Demont, Julia Wolf, and EKKSTACY. Joining this program gives them access to both educational resources and creative collaborations. Each of these four artists are granted the opportunity to create an original song, which will be released in June under the "Spotify Singles" category. They will also be able to participate in "Spotify Clips," which is a social media documentary series, highlighting the whole experience. Stay tuned for the exclusive singles soon.

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