Stela Cole Soars on New Single “Blood Orange Wine”

Kieran Kohorst

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Stela Cole knows exactly how she ended up in the highly-dramatic scenes of her new single: “The song is about the adrenaline wearing off after being emotionally yanked around by a person I loved,” she explains. “For months I was turning to vices to bury the pain and I soundtracked this period of my life with a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Electric Light Orchestra. I’m not surprised they ended up having a huge influence on how the record ended up sounding.” The single, titled “Blood Orange Wine,” surely fits the bill of what a ‘70’s powerhouse would produce in 2024: dominating pop vocals, dynamic indie production, and swaggering deliveries from Cole make the song a captivating end to her trilogy of releases this year. 

Arriving with the single is a music video for “Blood Orange Wine,” directed by the award-winning Eliot Lee and Maya Sassoon. Cinematic and in-line with the song’s narrative, the video adds another layer of pop magnetism to the track. “Blood Orange Wine” follows “Die Hard” and “Midnight Killer” as Cole’s package of releases in 2024, a year that promises to be bigger than any she’s had to this point. Coming off of a break from social media and a period of self-prioritization, Cole has returned a more definitive artist. Whether it’s to do with moving on from the person who inspired “Blood Orange Wine” or to better cultivate a vision for herself, Cole’s perspective is the same: “It turns out that time is the only thing that truly heals, and honestly thank God for that.”

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