Lizzy McAlpine Shares Her Soul-Binding Single, “I Guess”

Olive Soki

Over the last four years Lizzy McAlpine has made some considerable moves in her career. Between releasing her debut album Give Me A Minute in 2020 and following up with her highly praised sophomore LP, five seconds flat, last year (all the while building a devoted fanbase) she's done quite well for herself in such a short amount of time.

As some would say “good things come in threes” and it seems like the young singer-songwriter is ready to honor the age old saying. Earlier last month, Lizzy shared the reflective title track to her upcoming record Older. Today she’s delivered yet another exciting preview to the album with her brand new single, “I Guess.”

Exploring love as not only a powerful emotion, but also an action that takes time and effort, verse-by-verse, “I Guess” follows the long and winding road we call romance. The first verse outlines the genesis. Filled with awkward first dances and the white lies told for the purpose of infatuation, she starts off on a simple and unassuming note. The second verse picks up in the middle of habitual love. While at times imperfect, it is tainted with the feelings that brought the two together in the first place.

Woven together by the chorus, (“I guess it's all about timing / I guess it's all about the things you have but didn't want / I guess it's all about dying / To love someone (you’ve never met)"), “I Guess” embodies the familiar experience of navigating the unknown. Albeit awkward and confusing, it’s all about timing, patience, and happy accidents.

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