While Rap Reinvents Itself, Listen To “STRINGS” by SamRecks

Riley Furey

In a time where rap music is particularly uninteresting because everyone is copying each other, it’s refreshing to have artists who just stay in their own lane and don’t try to be something they’re not. I know albums from artists like Drake and Travis charted well and had their hits, but let’s be honest, neither of them reinvented the wheel and showed us something they haven’t already done before.

In times like these I seek solace in the artists who have carried my playlists through the years, and one of the people I see myself returning to is SamRecks. When I last covered his music the UK Rap Renaissance was on the verge of coming to fruition, now fast forward a year and some change – it has firmly established itself in the mainstream. There will always be the headlining UK artists like Dave, Central Cee, and Stormzy, but there are plenty of people doing their thing to a similar degree in the scene.

One of the most notable for me is SamRecks, and “STRINGS" is a perfect example of what he is capable of. The track is chock full of inventive bars that are splayed across subtle 808’s, and he is simply just doing his own thing and staying in his own lane.

Given the state of rap right now – we need more people we can rely on to carry the genre in the meantime. And in a time of sonic uncertainty, SamRecks is one of few I would put you onto while the genre readies itself for what’s to come next.

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