“Cartier” by Nick Nayersina (feat. Bankroll Hayden): YouTube Fame to Vulnerable Artistry

Samantha DeCarlo

Nick Nayersina has been making waves on YouTube with his videos featuring artists like NLE Choppa, Sexxy Red, and Lil Tjay. Originally from Chicago, Nick has moved to LA with hopes to make it to a million subscribers. Although initially gaining attention for his YouTube content, he began releasing music in 2019 and currently has around 42k monthly listeners on Spotify. Some of Nick’s past music collaborations include YSB Tril and Baby Rich.

 In collaborating with Bankroll Hayden on "Cartier," Nick marks an important turning point in his musical career. The song delves into themes of vulnerability and emotional transparency. He says “I put you in that Cartier bracelet/ Just to show you that I'm strong enough to take this/ All you ever did was lead me on/ I should’ve seen this all along." The lyrics speak of investing in a relationship, symbolized by the Cartier bracelet, as a display of strength and commitment. Yet, it narrates the pain of being led on and the realization of being taken for granted. There is a relatable feeling of working hard for a relationship and not receiving the same love in return. With this track, Nick not only shares his emotional journey, but also embraces the authenticity of his feelings, conveying that vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of, but a natural part of human existence. 

As Nick Nayersina continues to navigate the music industry, his multidimensional approach to content creation, collaborations, and introspective songwriting demonstrates a promising trajectory. Listen to “Cartier" below!

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