Tapped In: ISHMAEL

Typically I’m not a fan when skits are attached to music videos, but ISHMAEL may have changed my mind. The music video for his latest release, “PROBLEMS,” starts with a hilarious infomercial for a product dubbed the “fade a n***a 5,000.” From “flexington industries,” all you have to do is dial 1-800-ITSABODY to order a product that helps you beat someone up with the click of a button. Now, now, it is a little bit expensive (10 payments of $99.99), but I think it’s worth it.

When the infomercial ends, ISHMAEL drops in on the track, which is equal parts busy and intense. Before hitting his intricate verses, ISHMAEL asks his listeners, “do you ever want to just slap the shit out of somebody?” The old-school rap beat is perfect for ISHMAEL’s in-your-face style, while the humorous video gives the fiery song a completely different lens. ISHMAEL raps,

"Came from a rock that’s a hard place,

Now we busting rollies in the mall aye,

Never trust an opp that’s what I say,

But if they wanna box then imma stay."

ISHMAEL sounds like he’s in a frenzy throughout the song, switching between his whispering bridge, to the club-type chorus, to his vexed verses. After ISHMAEL purchases the “fade a n***a 5,000,” the video depicts an animated version of him in a boxing ring, successfully throwing hands with multiple people, knocking each out with a single punch. The song captures ISHMAEL’s anger with upbeat production and boiling verses, with the surging artist reminding you that you certainly don’t want problems in the hook. Watch the video for ISHMAEL’s “PROBLEMS” today, and decide if you’d like to purchase the “fade a n***a 5,000.” Mine’s in the mail already.

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