Tapped In: Ralph Castelli

Perry Avgerinos

If you're not familiar with the Anchorage, Alaska native, Ralph Castelli – then you picked a great time to submerge in his sensation-stimulating new single "Mystery."

The now LA-living singer/songwriter/producer reveals a lo-fi (perfect when you're high) soundscape, about a "mystery" girl, that has Ralph captivated. Ralph reflects his enchantment right back to the listener, with his sultry, extremely comforting vocal tone, stuck in a love-daze you often see in movies. Backed with his signature retro-synths, and outlandish percussion, Ralph's happy-go-lucky aura flows throughout the track, oscillating in deep pitched tones, filling the frequency spectrum with nothing but lustful indie pop energy.

The accompanying music video really does the track justice, co-directed by Ralph himself, as well as Dan Lesser. Ralph is seen with some familiar faces (Jesse Rutherford, Jany Green, and Johnny Goth), riding with the top down in a vintage red convertible, on a sunny day sharing laughs in his eclectic wardrobes. Wavy visuals of smiles, dancing, and vibrant colors – tie the video perfectly to the tone of the song, that will have you begging for summer evenings to return. Take a day trip with a watch below.

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