Tapped In: Marco Luka

Rachael Jansky

Making a bold declaration of love and commitment, Marco Luka’s latest release “Pretty Little Lies” is the trap love song for the modern era. An all too familiar feeling, the track hears Luka navigate his own feelings while trying to decode all the mixed messages he’s being sent.

Opening with a bubbly synth, the song immediately hooks listeners before Luka’s vocals energetically take charge. The rhythmic percussion paired with Luka’s dry, casual delivery flawlessly melt together, forming a perfectly hypnotic track.

The video for “Pretty Little Lies”, directed by Nicholas Jandora, is equally as mesmerizing, drawing inspiration from 90’s aesthetics and incorporating breathtaking pastels. The slight haze seen around shots of Luka mimics the own daydream he’s absorbed in, ignoring all the red flags and warning signs. Between the stunning visuals and the Luka’s intoxicating energy, the video is an absolute must-watch.

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