Tapped In: Aries

Perry Avgerinos

There's few artists that truly push the boundaries laid before them and pave new paths for others to follow. One such artist that's been in the forefront of the alternative / indie pop movement is Aries.

With his latest single "DITTO," he picks up right where he left off from his previous single "CONVERSATIONS," with wavy percussion and uptempo guitar chords setting the stage for Aries' distinct, passionate vocal flare to shine. Aries cuts just a bit deeper lyrically, singing in abstract metaphors – yet one line that stood out to me in particular was when he said "Counting my steps, I can't stand where the last one sank." Now let that line sink in, deep. He often doesn't rhyme throughout the song, using more of slant rhymes, but the way he meticulously sings each word – works, very well.

The video, produced by Mattias Russo-Larsson & Aries is set in a woodsy nature, with boulders, massive trees, and horses – where Aries is seen bopping around enjoying life, in a cheetah patterned bucket hat. Perhaps another visual glimpse into his "WUNDERWORLD," there is a certain finishing Aries touch to all of his visuals, with a hint of personality and goofiness, perfectly on brand and equally as entertaining.

With every new Aries track, we are introduced to a slightly new and evolved side of the artist, while his sound maintains his unique vibe that's gained him millions of listeners and fans worldwide. It seems whatever new Aries track drops becomes my new favorite, and this is no exception. Enjoy the video below.

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