Teezo Touchdown Tries a Bit of Everything on 'How Do You Sleep at Night?' [Album Review]

Vincent Merry

The internet’s newest superstar Teezo Touchdown has just released his debut album How Do You Sleep At Night, and it’s filled with a little bit of everything. Following two mixtapes in 2018 and a consistent stream of singles from 2019, Teezo has garnered attention in the alternative hip-hop scene. However, How Do You Sleep At Night? diverges significantly from the typical alternative hip-hop sound. Earlier this year, Teezo delivered a unique and transformative feature on Travis Scott's "MODERN JAM," offering a glimpse into what this album has to offer.

How Do You Sleep At Night? is a concise 14-track album with a runtime of just under 40 minutes, and Teezo fills this brief duration with a rich tapestry of styles and genres.

The opening track, "OK," sets the tone with a chunky 90s guitar riff, and Teezo's distinctive rap style in the verses bears a resemblance to Weezer. The chorus lyrics, "Alright, okay, I'm gonna do it anyway," emphasize Teezo's commitment to staying true to himself and his personality.

Tracks like "Sweet" featuring Fousheé and "I Don't Think U C Me" showcase Teezo's foray into traditional R&B, featuring smooth instrumentals and romantic lyrics like, "I land around nine, baby, can you come pick me up?" Although these tracks may not break new ground, Teezo's vocal prowess and performance shine through. "Familiarity," my personal favorite on the album, and "Impossible" transport us to 90s indie rock soundscapes with catchy choruses and warm tones. "Familiarity" is especially noteworthy for Teezo's vocal performance: "I believe in aliens; I don't believe in luck."

Moving on to the more experimental tracks, "Neighborhood," "Mood Swings," "You Thought," and "The Original Was Better" offer intriguing deviations. While "Neighborhood" may not be groundbreaking in terms of instrumentation, Teezo's lyrical ability shines as he paints a story about the death of an innocent homeless man: "A knock on my door, it's haunting me more, 'cause what more can they want from me?". "Mood Swings" sees Teezo performing over a funky, Thundercat-esque instrumental, while "You Thought" starts with an offbeat vocal delivery, eventually transforming into a soft R&B duo hit. By the end of the album, the EDM elements that conclude "The Original Was Better" might seem surprising and out of place, but How Do You Sleep At Night? has already thrown everything but the kitchen sink at us.

Need I say more?

How Do You Sleep At Night? combines every imaginable style and more. While Teezo may not be a master of all the styles he explores in this project, we are treated to a front-row seat on his artistic journey. What more could we ask for?

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