10 Exciting Albums Due by the End of 2022

Olive Soki

I hate to be the bearer of bad, or in this case, anxiety-inducing news, but the year is slowly and surely coming to an end. With this comes a multitude of holidays and deadlines to mark up our calendars. While it's tempting to give into the stress, it is infinitely better to pace yourself and find small things to look forward to along the way. So, to alleviate this looming cloud of commitments and responsibilities, I present to you ten albums due by the end of the year to look forward to.

Alvvays - blue rev

Due October 7th

Believe it or not, it’s been eight years since Alvvays released their debut album and six since their sophomore LP, Antisocialites. Masters of producing euphoric and melancholic jams — lest we forget the track that haunts every hopeless romantic playlist — we can only imagine what alt-pop greatness they’ve been working on the past six years. From what we’ve heard on their latest singles, you can expect more fuzzy guitars and synths with a side of angst.

Willow - <CopingMechanism>

Due October 7th

Willow Smith's music career has shifted in and out of conformity throughout the years. Her 2015 album titled ARDIPITHECUS, wavered between art-pop and alternative music — “Wait a Minute” being more on the alt end of the spectrum. The 1st was both orchestrally enchanting and serene, while her self-titled album explored the ethereal realms of alt-pop. As of lately, Willow has opted for a sound reminiscent of 2000s punk rock. Partnering with Travis Baker on her last album and mirroring the classic punk aesthetic to a T, I wouldn’t be surprised if she kept indulging in the cathartic genre on her upcoming album titled <CopingMechanism>.

The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language

Due October 14th

The 1975 have been a constant, and more or less reliable, fixture in the music industry since the mid 2010s. With careers nearly spanning a decade, it is only natural that their music has soundtracks a few years of any gen-z’s life. While I can’t say that I’ve always directly paid attention to their music, whenever they drop an album I make an effort to see what it’s all about. Having transitioned out of tumblr era angst and embraced more lively sounds and lyrics in their recent single, I have a feeling being funny in a foreign language will once and for all cement their place in the modern age.

Frankie Cosmos - Inner World Peace

Due October 21st

I don’t think there is any better time for Frankie Cosmos to release an album other than this fall. I don’t know about you, but quite a lot of aspects of life have felt slightly off-kilter. For this reason nothing seems more fitting than Frankie Cosmos’ vulnerable and perfectly imperfect tunes to match our energy. The first two singles released from their upcoming album definitely fits the bill. Wacky guitar tones, soft drums and delicate vocals galore, inner world peace will definitely find a home in our sad girl economy.

Nick Hakim - Cometa

Due October 21st

Realistically this album should be at the top of this list, but since we’re going according to dates I’ll have to settle with this order. Releasing his third studio album late October, Nick Hakim is looking to share with his listeners a collection of songs rooted in romance, all of which take on a different angle on the subject and experience. His first two singles, “Happen” and “Vertigo,” present his signature combination of  lush sounds and intimate vocals. “Happen” sees him sing in a breathless manner from the perspective of a blissful and enamored lover, while “Vertigo” reveals the bewildering sensation associated with holding onto fond memories. If either of those singles are merely a taste of what will come next month, I don’t think I’m anywhere near ready for Cometa.

Arctic Monkeys - The Car

Due October 21st

Much like Willow, the Arctic Monkeys have been a bunch of musical chameleons in the past 10 years. From general rock to cosmic jazz, the band’s definitely completed a couple trips around the sun. While they’ve been endlessly praised by hard-core fans, their many phases have been the subject of controversy among their fan base for quite some time. Regardless of the public's opinion, the band seems ready to lean even deeper into that jazzy suave sound. Only this time bringing it back down to earth, their upcoming album The Car might not be too far off from their last, giving the skeptics another chance to reconsider their beloved band.

Taylor Swift - Midnights

Due October 21st

Arguably the most anticipated album of the year since its announcement, it's impossible not to be curious about Midnights. Able to monopolize the media like no other, social media hasn’t been the same since Taylor Swift announced Midnights at the MTV Music Awards. From speculations as to the style of the album (reportedly something rock adjacent) to its subject matter. Swifties can’t get enough of Midnights, let alone wait for its release, and I don’t blame them.

Coco & Clair Clair - Sexy

Due November 4th

Pop-rap duo and dissonant lullaby queens, Coco & Clair Clair are finally gearing up for the release of their sophomore LP titled Sexy. Over the past year the duo has garnered something close to a type of “if you know you know” cult-following. Ever since they gained considerable attention for their breakout single “Pretty,” which — as all bangers do these days — took TikTok by storm, the sky’s been the limit for Taylor and Claire. As we move closer to the album's release date I can only imagine the chokehold Sexy will have on our daily playlists

Okay Kaya - Sap

Due November 4th

In the past, I’ve enjoyed Okay Kaya’s records in the winter time. Her grounding and slightly guttural tone is extremely soothing when in contrast to harsh and cold environments. At times off-kilter and perfectly human, her music always strikes a chord in the most comforting, yet strangest ways. From what she’s released so far, two singles in counting, her next project will most likely contain some features and languid tracks. As she’s proven in the past, Sap will be an experience that will both challenge listeners but also reward them in the end.

Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

Due November 18th

Following the release of her breakout record Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood is one of the few artists who I completely trust. An impeccably earnest and warm singer, always backed by the most beautiful orchestral arrangements, Weyes Blood knows how to put together an engrossing record. And while I love listening to her older records I, along with her fans, am more than ready to see what she has prepared for us. From the single she dropped late September titled “It’s not just me, It’s everybody” we’re in for another mind altering album, filled with ethereal imagery.

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