Tessa Rae Drops Enchanting New Single “Dance Dance Dance”

Nate Fenningdorf

Rising artist Tessa Rae continues to build her impressive discography with the release of her new single “Dance Dance Dance.” Through unapologetic lyrics that touch on complicated past relationships, Rae’s new single blossoms into an emotional and relatable song.

The indie-pop production and cleanly mixed vocals fuse into an astoundingly polished end product. With a groovy bassline, soothing acoustic guitar strums and upbeat drums, “Dance Dance Dance” is the perfect song to let loose and dance to.

“Dance Dance Dance” is the fifth single that the Oakland, California born artist has released this year, capping off an extremely productive 2021. Tessa Rae has hinted at the release of an EP coming this Spring, but has yet to announce any more details about the prospective work of art.

With over 14,000 monthly listeners and 3.3 million streams on Spotify, the LA based artist has quickly burst into the music scene. Songs like “Downtown” and “Seventeen” have struck a note with Rae’s audience, propelling her popularity and growing her fanbase.

Moving forward, Tessa Rae will continue developing her artistry and expanding her sound. The young musician has made serious strides towards becoming a mainstream artist and will continue on that path through releases like “Dance Dance Dance.” Listen to the new track below:

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