Pink Laces Invites Listeners on an Immersive Experience in New Single, “Paradigm”

Rachel Guttman

Pink Laces, otherwise known as Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg, has truly put his enchanting musical talents on display through his new single, “Paradigm.” His song was created with equal intentions of being played on headphones, stages, and dance floors – taking audiences on a completely immersive listening experience. “Paradigm” is the first glimpse into his forthcoming debut LP and the track is “driven by a narrative drawing from the trappings of peer pressure, family expectations, and living up to demands triggered by social media.”

The feel-good tune conveys a calm, collected vibe which forces listeners to unwind and enjoy jamming along to the infectious instrumentation. Through this piece, it became clear that Wahlberg not only genuinely enjoys developing his music, but he also puts sincere passion into the creation of his music. The shimmery atmosphere of this song is enchanting and undoubtedly demonstrates his natural ability to connect with his audience. Wahlberg’s synths, hooks, and melodies come together to create a seamlessly intimate, mesmerizing track.

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