The Homies Are Another Reason to Respect Louisville Hip-Hop

Joe DelloStritto

Louisville is heating up, and it has been for some time. Most of you will remember Bryson Tiller’s iconic 2015 album Trapsoul, which served as a coming out party for the Kentucky city. Bryson Tiller made sure to shout out his city in the album, naming one of the tracks “502” (the area code of Louisville). While Trapsoul may seem like eons ago, the birth of Kentucky’s allegiance with hip-hop started much further back, with the genius of Static Major.

Static Major was a producer, songwriter, and performer, as well as a member of the R&B trio “Playa.” He wrote for the likes of Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child, and can also be remembered for his R&B classic “Love is Dro.” It’s undeniable that Static Major played an integral role in molding his Louisville successors such as Bryson Tiller, Jack Harlow, and EST Gee. In a display of Louisville respect, Bryson Tiller recently joined forces with hip-hop’s new golden child Jack Harlow to remix “Love is Dro,” naming the reimagined track “Luv is Dro.” Jack also summoned the help of EST Gee for his 2019 track, “Rotten.” EST Gee has had his way, gaining popularity as well – with his latest album Bigger Than Life Or Death finding it’s way to the top of the charts.

Louisville rappers respect the artistry of their peers, love to collaborate with one another, and love to rep the ‘Ville. The next group to pop from the 502 is none other than The Homies. The Homies consist of four individualistic, multi-talented artists: Quiiso, Shloob, Ace Pro, and 2forwOyNE. Each member of the group holds a foothold in “Private Garden,” which is an inner circle of Louisville hip-hop and culture. The Private Garden consists of The Homies, Jack Harlow, photographer Urban Wyatt, and multi-platinum A&R, writer, and producer Nemo Achida. 2forwOyNE in particular has been a best friend and collaborator of Jack Harlow for years, producing and featuring on a handful of his tracks.

Last week, The Homies tapped into Jack once more for their newest single, “White Lies.” Already skyrocketing to over 320,000 Spotify streams – it’s obvious that this track is finding it’s way into everyone’s likes.

Rightfully so. Jack Harlow takes his smooth effortless flow about halfway through the track, when Quiiso drops in to add a bit of energy and playful melodies. At one point in Quiiso’s verse, he raps, “Catch me in the studio with the homies getting jiggy.” And no, he isn’t referring to “The Homies,” as in his own hip-hop group. He’s referring to being back with Jack and the Private Garden doing what they love: making hits. Once again, producer savant 2forwOyNE chopped up an atmospheric, gliding beat – perfect for his team of Louisville rappers. “White Lies” is an addictive, groovy masterpiece. Don’t be surprised though, this is typically what happens when The Homies link with Jack.

While Jack claims he’s “stacking up white lies,” I am sitting here telling you the truth. Just don’t get mad at me when the hook of “White Lies” is stuck in your head. In short...

1. Respect the Louisville hip-hop Scene

2. The Homies are next out of the 502

3. Stream “White Lies” below:

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