The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of May 2023

Cover: Moses Ideka

Summer is officially here, and what better way to enjoy some good weather and good company than some new music? For the month of May, we give you six artists that have been catching our attention with their unique approach to creating their art. Here is the The Lineup of May 2023.


Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Recommended Tracks: “get away” “i know best” “DEEP END”

Spotify Monthlies: 1,588

GIOVANNA The Lineup May 2023 Sheesh Media

I was absolutely mesmerized when I first discovered GIOVANNA and her captivating track "i know best," especially considering she only had around 1,000 monthly listeners at the time. Throughout 2023, she has proven herself to be an exceptional artist with delightful melodies and exceptional songwriting. Her latest release, "get away," effortlessly captures the essence of R&B vibes.

GIOVANNA is undeniably a hidden gem in the music industry, and I firmly believe that her alluring melodies will propel her to great heights. She brings a refreshing and distinctive touch to R&B, enchanting listeners with her harmonies and impeccably crafted production. Her music transports me to a sun-kissed paradise, evoking a sense of serenity and inspiring meditation. - Ian Hansen


Hometown: Dallas, TX

Recommended Tracks: “Westside” “one day” “How You Been (feat. KYLE)”

Spotify Monthlies: 39,919

Nevi The Lineup May 2023 Sheesh Media

At the tender age of 18, it’s rare that an artist is a) as well accoladed and b) as purely talented as rapper and R&B artist like Nevi. The multi-faceted Texas-born rising superstar has been in the game making and releasing music since he was 13 years old, and as one would expect, he has grown tremendously in his artistry and style. After the success of his 2020 single “Invoice” on SoundCloud, he proved his ability to hold his own in collaborations with hitmakers such as KYLE and Luh Kel. Nevi has again and again demonstrated his ability to shape-shift across genres and has displayed incredible variety within his own sound, while maintaining the qualities that consistently make a track a “Nevi” song.

Following the success of his freshman tape onourown., Nevi has released a slew of singles that are pushing him in an extraordinarily exciting direction. With the release of “Westside” this month, it is becoming evermore clear that Nevi is a force to be reckoned with in the R&B world. Smooth vocals, a funky bassline, and tight drums make for an all around captivating track whose melody is bound to get trapped in your head. Nevi is clearly positioning himself for a transformative year to come and I feel grateful that I’m able to be along for the ride. – Sophia Clemente

Moses Ideka

Hometown: London, UK

Recommended Track(s): “Cast Out”

Spotify Monthlies: 2,065

Moses Ideka The Lineup May 2023 Sheesh Media

Press play on his debut single, “Cast Out,” and Moses Ideka’s voice captivates his listeners in an instant – somber yet expressive, tender yet haunting. The production has a beautifully detached quality, where every new sound that unfolds takes the listener on a voyage through Ideka’s most vulnerable thoughts. 

Ideka’s voice welcomes the listener into his mind as he talks to himself. He sings, “Roundabout, don’t wanna stay / It's alright, I’ll be okay / Just turn off, I hope you find a way.” He bravely explores the strange uncomfortableness one gets from receiving comfort from a loved one or practicing self-love. As the song concludes, it sounds like he finds some resolution.

Based in London, the 21 year old’s presence online is mysterious. Scrolling through his carousel on his lone Instagram post, he seems to be surrounded by creative friends and is an adept student of the internet. If you like Sampha, Moses Sumney, James Blake, Choker, or Spooky Black, give Moses Ideka a listen. With this being his debut single, I am excited to hear what comes next. Erica Wei

Willow Kayne

Hometown: Melksham, ENG

Recommended Tracks: “Cola Head,” “White City,” “Two Seater”

Spotify Monthlies: 136,870

Willow Kayne The Lineup May 2023 Sheesh Media

Willow Kayne's “Cola Head” is a fresh and funky track perfect for the summer. The exuberant style Kayne introduces on “Cola Head” radiates with hyperpop production and a vivacious tone comparable to the likes of Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande. “Cause you're spending all your money / I can see she keeps you up all night / Tell me, what’s she got that’s so addictive? / I don’t care enough to fix this,” she chants on the infectious number.

Kayne also shines on “Two Seater,” an empowering rap infused track, and “White City,” which sees her dabble in a more R&B influenced territory. Willow Kayne shows promise in her ability to test genres, introducing DIY and Y2K pop styles that will stimulate listeners with its sonically unprecedented sound. – Ben Wego


Hometown: Park City, UT

Recommended Tracks: “Another Day” “miranda!” “park city, utah”

Spotify Monthlies: 108,957

Buppy. The Lineup May 2023 Sheesh Media

“Summer-bop” is such an overused phrase; with every artist and their mother claiming to have created one. With Buppy., he doesn’t really need to claim it – the music speaks for itself. Heavily cloud rap with a head-bopping bounciness, Buppy. outdoes himself with his latest “park city, utah.” 

Buppy’s growth as an artist is a fun one to witness, as his music definitely matures with him. A clear Lil Peep influence is heard throughout his early releases, and an extremely prominent emotional honesty is a constant with every song. Notably and more recently, “miranda!” contrasts a dreamlike yearning with hard-cutting truths. It is reminiscent of good times with a dancy lo-fi, all the while Buppy. is wondering whether or not Miranda's family still misses him at all. With his creative mind and brutal honesty, Buppy's artistic future is seriously exciting and one to watch out for.  - Jackie Verba

Portraits Of Tracy

Hometown: New Orleans, LA 

Recommended Tracks: “The Afterparty,” "Aeternum," “Found!”

Spotify Monthlies: 133,197

Some of you may know Portraits Of Tracy from either of their two massive songs, “The Party,” and the duly named follow up, “The Afterparty.” Perhaps you found them from the cover of Spotify’s coveted anti pop playlist or even New Music Friday – no matter how, or if it all, you have never experienced Portraits Of Tracy like Drive Home, the third part to a trilogy from the producer-artist extraordinaire. 

The album is an 18-track saga riddled with skits, otherworldly production, and a journey of self discovery through Tracy’s alter ego, Junie. Highlighted by tracks such as “Found!,” an increasingly inspiring declaration of self-confidence and “Forbidden Fruit,” a techno-infused expression of love, Drive Home offers something completely unique in each track. Already having three albums out in their young career, there is no better time to hop on the Portraits Of Tracy bandwagon. – Freddie Fine

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