The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of June 2023

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June marked the halfway point of the year. And while it is tempting to mull over how quickly the year is going by, celebrating the hard work and creativity up and coming artists are putting into their art feels like a more appropriate and productive course of action. So, in the spirit of shining a light on some well deserving artists, here is The Lineup of June 2023.


Hometown: North London, UK

Recommended Tracks: "Runner Up," "Damned If I Do"

Spotify Monthlies: 128,603

tejy june lineup 2023 sheesh media

Hailing from North London, R&B artist, Tejy captures the sensual and atmospheric energy of the genre with a voice comparable to Bryson Tiller and a lyrical talent like Summer Walker. “Runner Up” is a track enveloped in a soft R&B beat that shares insight into a toxic situationship – “Playin’ with fire, we’ve been burnin’ / Slowly out of reach, I get the coldest feet before it all falls down”. “Damned If I Do” provides a catchy hook and a look inside the destructive habits that can shatter a relationship. Tejy shines with tranquilizing vocals in songs that emulate confidence and bad boy energy embracing a Brent Faiyaz persona while coveting the desires of a genuine relationship under all the messiness he describes in his lyrics – a beloved recipe for steamy R&B music. - Ben Wego


Hometown: Martinsville, Virginia

Recommended Tracks: “hmu” “safety” “bones”

Spotify Monthlies: 269,724

greek june lineup 2023 sheesh media

Incoming superstar. Voice of an angel. Incredible live performer. However you want to describe greek, just know that only greatness awaits. The Virginia native has been on a mission to take over the world for the last year, when he kicked off the rollout for his debut album EXTC in April of 2022. Five total singles and one outstanding project later, and greek is currently on a nationwide tour opening for Weston Estate, a show unlike any other.

greek didn’t slow down in 2023, however, sharing “BLUFF” in May, a dreamy, Omar Apollo-esque love song. He followed this up at the end of June with “VIRGINIA CREEPER,” a nostalgia-infused R&B track that is unbelievable live. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, greek’s silky voice should be on repeat for everyone right now. - Freddie Fine

David Alexander

Hometown: Denver, CO

Recommended Tracks: “Her”, “If I Were You" & “Dancing Alone”

Spotify Monthlies: 49,235

I first heard of David Alexander when I got tapped into the NYU scene a few years back, and his rise to prominence has been one to behold. After plying his trade at Clive, he decided it was time to step back from school for a year to really pursue music and refine his sound. Not only has his solo career started to take off since then, but he has also been getting in reps producing and writing with artists like Stephen Dawes, Devon Gabriella, and Aimee Vant; most notably with Sadie Jean on her single "WYD Now?" that is currently sitting at over 125 million streams. After seeing clips of his most recent show in LA, and seeing him receive an increasing flow of opening slots (including for New Rules and vaultboy), it’s hard not to predict even higher heights to come for David Alexander. – Riley Furey

Destin Laurel

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Recommended Tracks: “love & confessions” & “walkin’”

Spotify Monthlies: 76,794

Destin Laurel, a 19-y.o. hailing from Atlanta, is reshaping what it means to be an artist with his all-encompassing production, lyrical delivery, and visuals. From his recent album “Westin Wednesday, Vol. 1”, the young talent’s sample selection demonstrates his wide reaching taste & ability from “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” by Alicia Keys to “Fall In Love” by Phantogram to “Loveee Song” by Rihanna & Future. Heavy on the production & tastemaking, Laurel’s music feels like a new era of SoundCloud type releases with creative execution and vision. Definitely check out his music videos to step into his world, starting with WestinWednesday, Vol. 1 Act 1, an episodic series on YT. If you like Joony, Ben Reilly, or Ryan Trey, definitely listen to Destin Laurel. – Erica Wei

Presley Regier

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Recommended Tracks: “Need to Know” & “Nevermind”

Spotify Monthlies: 112, 016

With the cacophony of noise that is artist self-promotion on TikTok, more than ever before artists are waging a war for consumers’ time, and it has become increasingly difficult for artists to make a substantial impact. I truly commend the artists who are able to break the glass ceiling and translate this popularity into attention on streaming platforms continually, because they are few and far between. In the past two months, 20 year old, LA-based multi-hyphenate, Presley Regier has triumphed and made a name for himself upon his debut single “Nevermind” in late April, and again this past week with his followup single “Need to Know”.

Regier caught the attention of many through his pertinent writing-style and unforgettable hooks many months before even releasing music. The highly anticipated release of “Nevermind” solidified in my brain, and many others’, that Regier is bound to be a hit-maker. He reaffirmed this yet again with “Need to Know”, which again features the crisp production and lyrics that have already become standard for Regier. He has a way with words and melodies that linger in listeners' heads for days or even weeks and have people begging for more. – Sophia Clemente

Grace Enger

Hometown: Hoboken, NJ

Recommended Tracks: “The Neighborhood” & “The Cut”

Spotify Monthlies: 144,646

Crazy catchy and crazy real. Grace Enger jokingly (or not-so jokingly) cites “Timber” by Pitbull (feat Ke$ha) as the inspiration for one of her singles “The Neighborhood.” As for her latest single “When It Was Over,” it openly describes the unique feeling of regret that only sneaks up on you after the relationship is over. She makes you familiar with this feeling over tightly knit harmonies, a jumpy beat, and an arc of whimsical sadness within her lyrics. If this exact scenario hasn’t already happened to you, Grace will make you familiar with it all over again (in a good way).

Starting August 7th in Minneapolis, Grace will be joining Maisie Peters for the entirety of her North American tour — a musical match made in indie pop heaven. With many prominent Spotify playlist placements (Fresh Finds - on the cover, Fresh Finds Pop, Indie Pop, Next Gen Singer-Songwriter, etc.) and a genuinely beautiful artistry about her, Grace Enger is an important name to remember. – Jackie Verba

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