The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of April 2023

Cover: Sam Austins

This month was stacked with new releases, from new faces and some familiar faces that have been catching recent momentum. With so many new names entering the music arena, we are here each month to help guide you through the noise. Here are the best 6 artists of April 2023.

Alex Banin

Hometown: New York, NY

Recommended Tracks: “Doc Whiler” and “Hawthorne”

Spotify Monthlies: 53,149

Alex Banin Up and Coming Artist

Sometimes the best things about music are the understated bits. A short and perfectly imperfect symphony, a lonesome atmosphere that emphasizes abandon, and raw vocals, go a long way in terms of illuminating the feelings that are hiding between those proverbial lines. While it isn’t always easy to communicate the unknown, Alex Banin seems able to do so with ease – exhibit A being her recent single “Doc Whiler.” Whether or not this command over subtlety is attributed to her sound, which she identified as “Introspective, nostalgic and chill,” one thing we can be certain of is her ability to move her listeners.

So far Alex’s discography includes a slew of singles and her debut EP titled DID I IMAGINE, which was released in 2021. A perfect introductory quartet to her mesmerizing soundscape, and a look into subjects such as bittersweet goodbyes ("Closure”) and wistful thinking (“Forget About It”) DID I IMAGINE serves as a hopeful promise as to what to expect from Alex in the near future. – Olive Soki


Hometown: Nashville, TN

Recommended Tracks: “Postman” “PEOPLE FUEL” “BOYFRIEND KILLER”

Spotify Monthly listeners: 97, 657

Palmer Up and Coming Artist

Palmer's voice is a soothing bright spot in music, making it impossible not to be swept away by his talent. Hailing from the charming town of Nashville, the 21-year-old artist is a true gem who produces and mixes all of his music, showcasing his versatility and creativity. He first caught the public's attention with his enchanting collaboration with Tori Templet on "all i ask" in 2020, and has since released other notable tracks, including the dynamic "BOYRFRIEND KILLERS," which highlights his ability to evoke contrasting energy from track to track.

The year 2023 has already seen Palmer flourish as an artist, releasing the lively "Picture Books," and most recently, "Postman," which personally resonates with me, as the chorus is an ear-pleasing delight. Palmer continues to evolve and improve with every song, and I am eagerly anticipating how he will take the music world by storm in the coming months. – Ian Hansen

Kyle Lux

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

Recommended Tracks: “Lover Loaded Fantasy” “ Darth Vader” “222”

Spotify Monthlies: 348,050 

Kyle Lux Up and Coming Artist

If you like smooth vocalists and music that moves you to dance, then Kyle Lux is someone you’ll want to acquaint yourself with. Coming off his recent EP release Cascade, the Rock Hill, South Carolina, now Los Angeles based artist fuses elements of dance, R&B, and soul into a retro rollercoaster.

With tracks like “Casual Encounters,” “Darth Vader,” and “Lover Loaded Fantasy,” Lux takes listeners back to the glory days of '80s disco, using retro synths and modern arrangements to get listeners moving to his buttery tone. Both a talented songwriter and vocalist, Lux may have found his stride within this new lane he’s effortlessly placed himself in, building on the catalog hits such as “222” and “Softly” that first elevated the singer/songwriter into the spotlight in 2020. – Perry Avgerinos

Sam Austins

Hometown: Detroit, MI 

Recommended Tracks: “Oatmeal Pancakes” “Motivation” “JOY FOR YOUTH”

Spotify Monthlies: 85,682

Sam Austins Up and Coming Artist

A sure-fire star-in-the-making, Sam Austins can soundtrack any moment. His alternative style is a fusion of genres and impulses, each release building on the next in a new, unexpected way. Along with his evident promise, he has the co-signs to back it up: he’s shared stages with Post Malone and Vince Staples, appeared on the Euphoria soundtrack, and was featured on the Pusha T-curated 1800 Seconds project.

He’s already been busy in 2023, releasing singles “Keep You Company” and “Oatmeal Pancakes”. Two guitar-driven tracks, “Oatmeal Pancakes” contrasts a gravely tune with loose vocal performance that sees Austins taking chances that read rewards. The potential of his 2021 LP HOMELESS STAR is even greater than first thought, with the 26-year-old finding more room to grow in part through collaborations with artists like Sir Chloe and WizTheMc. The sky is the limit, but it feels like Sam Austins’ sights are set much further than even that. – Kieran Kohorst


Hometown: Oxford, MI 

Recommended Tracks: “Don’t You Worry” “Carry On, Carry On,” “October”

Spotify Monthlies: 88,050

Happy Landing Up and Coming Band

It’s actually criminal that the indie folk band out of Oxford, Mississippi, HAPPY LANDING hasn’t surpassed 100k monthly listeners – but at the same time I’m thrilled to be here before they hit the masses. When I stumbled across the band, I was internally thinking they were already a big deal with how polished their records sound. “Don’t You Worry” EP is what really hooked me in as a fan with the singles “Don’t You Worry” and “Carry On, Carry On,” – these tracks without a doubt will get your vibe right.

It truly seems like the folk genre is having its moment with the rise of David Kushner and his charting song “Daylight,” and seems as if more and more opportunities are opening up for the up and comers out of this genre. HAPPY LANDING has all the potential in the world and I believe with a more consistent release schedule and shows, they’ll prove that they are here to stay. Go check out their new EP and join the wave early. – Noah Schwartz


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Recommended Tracks: “Cosmos” "Love Language" “Mirrorball”

Spotify Monthlies: 183,906

Zinadelphia Up and Coming Artist

In all three of her releases to date, Philly’s own Zinadelphia has been searching for clarity in the most wondrous places imaginable. Her first single, “Mirrorball,” is a kaleidoscopic exhibition that serves as a swift introduction into her many influences. Her rasp rivals that of Amy Winehouse, with no note seemingly out of her range. With a candid pen and vulnerable soul, Zinadelphia revitalizes the ‘70’s funk music of Parliament, Bobby Womack, and Donny Hathaway with a modern groove that’s hard to take off repeat.

The sounds of Zinadelphia’s latest package single – “Cosmos” and “Love Language” – spin like a record on a turntable, with a dizzying amount of instrumentation and bone-jumping rhythms. Her renditions are faithful tributes to the music that inspires her, undoubtedly belonging to Zinadelphia but doused in nostalgic overtures. It’s easy to get lost in the three tracks she has shared so far, but it's undeniable to want more from one of Philly’s finest new talents. – Kieran Kohorst

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