The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of December 2021


This year has been filled with new faces, new sounds, and a shift in the way artists are heard. We've been discovering and highlighting new artists since the inception of Sheesh in 2019, but 2021 was the first year since launching The Lineup segment.

As we gear up for 2022, we give you our last Lineup of the year, six newcomers that caught our ears, that are worth keeping a close eye on in 2022. Be back soon, happy holidays and have a healthy and safe New Years.


Hometown: Miami, FL

Recommended Tracks: "Santa Maria" "Runnin"

Spotify Monthlies: 14,709

Jiubel Rising Artist Lineup December 2021 Sheesh Media

With two studio singles under his belt, 21-year-old Jiubel, a Miami-native, is taking the indie music scene by storm. After releasing music from his bedroom on SoundCloud, he has racked up over two million cumulative streams on the platform and has begun releasing music on other DSPS such as Spotify, where he has been adding to his fanbase. On SoundCloud, Jiubel kickstarted his career by gaining a large audience with the release of his singles “Willow’s World” and “Wasted N Laced It” under the artist name, Jaebanzz. Jiubel cites his music as being heavily inspired by his Cuban upbringing and influenced by his parent’s loving nature and support in his musical and creative career.

His unique sound combines his influence from modern hip-hop artists, his indie musical side, and his inspiration from the late artist, Juice WRLD, who he cites as being "a rockstar with a style of his own.” Inspired by Juice WRLD’s multi-dimensionality, Jiubel hopes to be just like him in terms of having a unique, individual style, and he continues to find himself as an artist as he develops and creates new music, sonically reminiscent of a lo-fi hip-hop/indie music fused sound. Most recently, Jiubel has released two singles, “Santa Maria” and “Runnin” under FADER Label. As we enter 2022, Jiubel is definitely an artist to watch as he prepares to release more new music under his new alias, “Jiubel.” Taylor Contarino


Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Recommended Tracks: "Easy on Them Turns" "Darkness Of The Night" "Beluga v2"

Spotify Monthlies: 358,947

Baird Rising Artist Lineup December 2021 Sheesh Media

Baird is no ordinary musician. His astounding skill of blurring the line between electronic and acoustic music has propelled the 24-year-old artist to a rise in popularity through 2021. As he continues to release tracks with experimental sounds and off-kilter melodies, Baird will continue to gain momentum in the music industry. Songs like ‘Easy On Them Turns’ and ‘Beluga v2’ demonstrate his limitless potential as an artist.

The funk infused, indie driven songs are unlike any other music right now. Now that his music exists in a lane of its own, Baird wants to keep himself on his toes by not confining his sound to any one genre. Derivatives of the artists Baird listened to growing up can be heard through his music today. Whether it is Stevie Wonder or Flying Lotus, the Baltimore, MD multi-talented musician combines sounds that rarely get a chance to be heard together. Watch out, because Baird will become one of the world’s leading "genreless" artists. – Nate Fenningdorf


Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Recommended Tracks: "Fine By Me" "Odd One Out" "3D"

Spotify Monthlies: 55,780

morgen rising artist lineup december 2021 sheesh media

After hearing her song “Sunsets in Malibu,” I don't know what’s stopping morgen from becoming the next Olivia Rodrigo. Morgen Smith, aka morgen, released her first official track, “Odd One Out” in July of 2021 and has been growing ever since. She recently dropped her debut EP, Unaccompanied Minor, which felt impressively cohesive for a first project. The music feels light and bouncy – bedroom pop with an alternative twist, and at times sounding reminiscent of Christian French or blackbear.

No matter how you want to categorize her music, it’s hard to deny that morgen has potential. The Santa Cruz, CA native uses simple instrumentals to accentuate her voice and transparent lyrics to relate with listeners. Many of her songs show a youthful innocence, and stories about friends, relationships, and dreams for the future describe her life as a recent high school graduate. After setting the bar high with her first project, I’m excited to see what she does next. The sky is truly the limit for morgen as she continues to solidify her sound and develop as an artist. Nate Rummel


Hometown: London, UK

Recommended Tracks: "Nobody"

Spotify Monthlies: 427,118

London newcomer Renao has had as meteoric of a rise on a debut single as any new artist could hope for when introducing their art to the world. At this point in 2021, we have a new type of artist, the artist who can market themselves in a way that builds hype, mystery, and a need for more. With the help of TikTok, Renao debuted his single "Nobody," which gained viral pre-release traction, leaving listeners looping his infectious vocoder backed chorus on repeat. Since its December 3rd release, the track has already surpassed a million streams on Spotify, and counting.

As Renao jokes about writing a song about being rich and single while being in a happy relationship, the rising artist shows off his songwriting abilities, feeling no limitations by his own situation and experiences. Aside from his velvety vocal tone, and mass appeal melodies, Renao seems built for this career path. Bringing a unique look with his tiger striped dyed hair and a fresh perspective, keep an eye on Renao in 2022, as this is just the beginning of a promising start to his career. Perry Avgerinos

Devon Again

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Recommended Tracks: "Suburbia" "Burn Down"

Spotify Monthlies: 130,810

Devon Again Rising Artist Lineup December 2021 Sheesh Media

Devon Again has been making a name for herself, catapulting to fame following the release of “Suburbia” in July of this year. The dreamy, bouncy pop song has accumulated almost 1.5 million streams on Spotify since its release and it’s easy to see why – I fell in love with the track on the first listen. Between the intriguing lyrics about a monotonous relationship and a chorus so catchy, it’s sure to instantly be in repeat.

She followed this up with the release of “Burn Down” in November. The track portrays chaos in one of the most thought out ways possible. It is riddled with random sound effects that are fun to pick out, while the bounciness carries over from her first release. Devon’s vocal range is put on display, hitting the high notes in the chorus while having a lower tone verse. Yet she is describing burning down a building, even the entire city of L.A., if necessary.

These tracks are the beginnings of cementing Devon Again as one of the best sounds in the genreless realm of pop – right up there with the likes of Remi Wolf, she just needs a few more songs under her belt. I cannot wait to see what is to come from Devon Again, but I do know that it will not be something I can expect. Freddie Fine

Rizz Capolatti

Hometown: Clayton County, GA

Recommended Tracks: "HELLUTALMBOUT"

Spotify Monthlies: 6,508

Rizz Capolatti Rising Artist Lineup December 2021 Sheesh Media

It’s not often when an artist’s first Spotify track gets co-signed by superstar producer Metro Boomin, but this is the case for Rizz Capolatti. After spending time actively working behind the scenes, the Atlanta native released “HELLUTALMBOUT” in late November, sending social media into a craze. Don’t be fooled by the singular track on his artist page. Rizz, better known by the nickname "Playbai Cap," has been making a name for himself in Clayton County for years. In 2020, Rizz made an appearance on Smino’s mixtape, SAD, flexing his nifty bars on the track titled “Mike Jones.” While this track garnered attention for the rapper, Rizz didn’t truly catch fire until Monte Booker went crazy for “HELLUTALMBOUT” after previewing the track on his twitch stream. We don’t blame Monte Booker for his reaction, either. How could you not?

“HELLUTALMBOUT” is the perfect combination of bouncy production, clever wordplay, and smooth flow. Changing cadences with ease, Playbai Cap glides through the track oozing confidence and an individualistic, regional style. Separating intricate verses with a simple singalong chorus makes the entire track feel like a freestyle, and a damn good one at that. After one listen, “HELLUTALMBOUT” is sure to make its way into your liked songs. With rumors of an upcoming project, now is the perfect time to get hip to Rizz Capolatti. Ultimately, there’s only one viable answer when someone claims they don’t know about Playbai Cap: hellutalmbout? Joe DelloStritto

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