The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of November 2021


Before we reflect on what we are thankful for and indulge in the best meal of the year – let us put you on to some artists that have been high up on our radar this past month. Learn more about each artist on this month's lineup below.

Landstrip Chip

Hometown: East Atlanta, GA

Recommended Tracks: "Friendzone" "Thumb" "Round 2"

Spotify Monthlies: 181,033

Landstrip Chip November Lineup 2021 Sheesh Media

We can’t help but agree with Landstrip Chip. He’s definitely headed towards a fate of spending lots of time on the runway. Sporting witty and dynamic trap flows, this conditioned rapper holds the talents to take him to global fame. Already accomplishing a multitude of successes, from touring with Maxo Cream, to working with super-producer Sonny Digital, there’s no doubt Landstrip has a sound that people are looking for. So why feature him now on our lineup? Well, because he’s just released his most cohesive project to date, the nine-song EP Catch My Good Side.

Chip is no stranger to putting out bangers of projects, with his debut album, From My Point Of View: Reloaded, producing hits like “Thumb,” feat Lil Baby, and “Already.” But, Catch My Good Side sees Chip re-energized and embracing his artistic flexibility. From Roddy Rich-like vocal runs on “Real N***a” and “This Side,” featuring Vory, to quick and creative flows on “Fade On Me” and “Friendzone” featuring Seddy Hendrix, and it’s clear Chip’s voice is dynamic and powerful.

Landstrip Chip is not resting on his laurels. He’s building something bigger. With an aptitude for lyrics, melodic flows, and crisp beat choices, Chip will soon be an artist we see everywhere. But until then, step onto the landing strip and take off into a world of trap hits by listening below. – Miles Opton

YSB Tril

Hometown: Clayton, NC

Recommended Tracks: "TOUCHDOWN" "Brand New" "WORKIN"

Spotify Monthlies: 304,658

YSB Tril November 2021 Lineup Sheesh Media

YSB Tril has always brought energy with infectious melodies and unique bars, but November has really seen him take his talents to a new level with his most recent single, “Brand New,” with Kill Jasper. This track layers a simple yet lush acoustic guitar with spacious vocal chops throughout. He comes in with hit making melodies flexing his wealth and success so far in his young career.

YSB Tril first came into the forefront with consistent releases of singles throughout 2019 and 2020. He followed that up with his first project, Hotshot, in June of 2021 with collaborations with Bankrol Hayden, Dripsterr, and lil Spirit. YSB Tril is confident, talented, and has all of the tools to last a long time on the music industry. – Ian Hansen

kid apollo

Hometown: Brixton, EN

Recommended Tracks: "i been up to things i don't think i should be." "

let go of things i said." "lose yourself."

Spotify Monthlies: 24,824

kid apollo November 2021 Lineup Sheesh Media

There’s something about things named Apollo that hold greatness. Singer Omar Apollo, Steve Lacy’s legendary album Apollo XXI, and most recently, up and coming group kid apollo. The trio, hailing from Brixton, England, recently released their debut EP all i think about.

Although each of their four songs has a slightly different aura, it is always highlighted by soul-touching tender vocals. The main singer, Jimmy HM’s voice is so soft and delicate, while producer duo and twins Theo and Felix Ratigan create the perfect canvas for Jimmy to paint over.

Their stand out track, “let go of things i said.” is an introspective look at a crumbling relationship. They portray a feeling of being lead on and used, only wanted by someone when she is when drunk or high. However, the woman spoken about can’t explain to him why they can’t be together, creating an endless spiral of love and confusion. Ended with an outro featuring high pitched and distorted robotic vocals, the groups talent and ability are showcased in all facets on the track.

Their melancholy sound and relatable content is sure to only capture the ears of more. At just over 24,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, they’re already making a name for themselves – the future is bright for this trio. – Freddie Fine


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Recommended Tracks: "Look In My Eyes" "Off Me" "Same Room"

Spotify Monthlies: 1,048

T:ME November 2021 Lineup Sheesh Media

With a distinctive and genre-bending sound, T:ME gives a new meaning to what it means for quality sound production and complementary lyrics to collide. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, T:ME is the generation’s newest upcoming musical trailblazer who’s recent release, “Look In My Eyes” has garnered the attention of 12,000+ Spotify Listeners. The future looks bright for T:ME, who’s unique sound is reminiscent of elements of alternative, R&B, rap, and soul. It’s hard to classify such a musical mastermind who combines elements of different sounds, and still manages to formulate such a vibrant sound that can be enjoyed by listeners of all kinds.

If you’re looking for something new and fresh, T:ME is sure to be the next standout of your upcoming playlist. He is hard to categorize, but he is certainly not hard to fall for. Giving off vibes that are parallel to Sheesh familiar names such as iann dior and Dro Kenji, this up-and-coming artist successfully utilizes sound as a bed for his unique lyrical concepts, and simultaneously earns brand new fans while doing it.

If you want to explore new genres and listen to their unique elements intertwine – look no further. Start your T:ME journey by tapping into some of our recommended tracks above. – Taylor Contarino

Fresco Trey

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Recommended Tracks: "Draft Kings" "Feel Good" "Fresh Off A Heartbreak"

Spotify Monthlies: 394,144

Fresco Trey November 2021 Lineup Sheesh Media

While Fresco Trey has only been releasing music for two years, he has become one of the most promising artists in music. The Memphis artist’s memorable hooks and vulnerable lyrics have led to internet fame and millions of streams on his music. Trey aims to express emotions like love and pain through his music, which has struck a note with his surging audience.

Through Trey’s fresh sound, derivatives of artists like SAINt JHN and Post Malone can be heard. In each of his releases, the rising star displays his genre-bending abilities from experimenting with hard southern rap to more light-hearted pop music. Trey’s growing presence can be seen through his numerous collaborations with top producers like Zaytoven, and artists like Lil Tjay. Fresco Trey currently has 82.3k followers on Instagram and 394k monthly listeners on Spotify. These numbers seem to be expanding by the day as his music is heard by more and more people.

Watching Trey’s growth over the past two years has been extremely impressive, and not too surprising. Moving forward, the multi talented musician will undoubtedly continue to drift into the mainstream music sphere as he drops more relatable, polished music. – Nate Fenningdorf

Kembe X

Hometown: South Holland, IL

Recommended Tracks: "Cozy Forever" "Voices" "TOO BAD"

Spotify Monthlies: 202,841

Kembe X November 2021 Lineup Sheesh Media

Although we recently featured many of Kembe X’s accolades in our highlight of his most recent single, “Cozy Forever,” the Illinois-based rapper has more than enough wins for us to feature him again in our lineup. First emerging onto the scene with his mixtape Self Rule, Kembe proved his lyricism was enough to turn heads. Along with thick rhyme schemes, Kembe’s flows are laden with humor and storytelling, drawing attention from some of today’s most recognized hip-hop lyricists. Ten years later, Kembe has collaborated with a diverse group of talented rappers, breaching into both Dreamville and TDE, two of the most acclaimed rap collectives of the 21st century. Tracks like “TOO BAD,” with Guapdad 4000, and “Scared,” featuring Denzel Curry, emphasize his ability to turn simplistic beats into complex atmospheres, while tracks like “Raised A Fool,” featuring Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and Zacari, display how his dynamic presence can tie together a complicated piece.

Kembe X’s versatility has become more than just an instrument for entertainment, but a channel to direct important messages to people who are willing to listen. After his two year hiatus from 2017-2019, Kembe continued to grow as an artist, releasing I Was Depressed Until I Made This. His most introspective album to date dives into themes of addiction, mental illnesses, and other personal anecdotes.

Today, Kembe works off the momentum of that cathartic project and his 2020 singles to create a flow unlike anything we’ve heard from him before on “Cozy Forever.” Check out this new single, or dive deeper for a constant supply of interesting flows, dynamic collaborations, and good energy below. – Miles Opton

Check back in next month for our final lineup of the year, only on Sheesh. For weekly new artists, see our Friday Finds updates on Spotify.

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