The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of June 2024

Noah Rinker

We're excited to present the June Lineup, highlighting the top six up-and-coming artists of the month. Embracing the vibrant and uplifting energy of summer, we've curated a diverse selection of talent spanning genres from hip-hop to country. Let's dive in.

Noah Rinker

Hometown: Shaver Lake,CA

Recommended Tracks: "Save My Soul," "After Dark," "Off My Mind"

Spotify Monthlies: 257,658

Noah Rinker has quickly become one of my favorite emerging artists. With only four songs released, we are witnessing the very beginning of Noah’s music career.

“Save My Soul” was the first track that truly grabbed my attention. Noah's strong presence on social media and his ability to produce compelling records suggest that the sky's the limit for him. He has an incredible vocal tone and powerful lyricism that sets him apart.

If you're a fan of Zach Bryan, then Noah Rinker is a must-listen. His talent and potential make him an exciting artist to watch as he continues to grow in the music scene. – Noah Schwartz

Angelo Mota

Hometown: West Orange, New Jersey

Recommended Tracks: "all good," "omega," "Madonna"

Spotify Monthlies: 117,745

Angelo Mota, the 27-year-old New Jersey singer, rapper, producer, and songwriter has been quietly redefining today’s hip hop genre with his unique blend of emotional depth and musical approach. His music carries a quality that feels both intimate and expansive. His vocal delivery has a way of absorbing listeners' guilt and worries, offering a kind of sonic therapy that resonates deeply.

His music has a vibe that's both personal and wide-reaching. The way he sings takes away listeners' guilt and worries, providing a kind of sonic therapy that really hits home. In a hip-hop landscape that has seen the passing of legends and a subsequent search for new talents, Mota's presence is a breath of fresh air. His ability to deliver high emotions under the genre's hard exterior is precisely what we've been craving.

To get you going, if you feel a little lost in his wide exploration range of hip hop and rap, I’d suggest that you first tap into his track "Madonna." This track offers a soft, caressing blend of hip-hop roots and rap, combined with the perfect downbeat to get lost in. Next, dive into "omega" for a good boost of serotonin. This track delivers the vintage dose of hip-hop energy we've been longing for, encapsulating Mota's skill in reviving the genre's classic vibes while infusing them with his own contemporary take. Finally, end your discovery quest with "I AM” which I’ll just let you discover by yourself if you’ve been following my itinerary up until now. Let yourself be surprised. – Emma Neveux

Frances Whitney

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Recommended Tracks: “Still Have July,” “Easy Street,” “Holding On”

Spotify Monthlies: 38,822

Coming off her debut headline show in Los Angeles, Frances Whitney has made a significant impact in the singer/songwriter community this summer. Since her debut this past May, Whitney has released three singles, each showcasing her intimate songwriting, upbeat production, and catchy melodies.

With singles like "Still Have July," my personal favorite, Whitney strikes a beautiful balance between folk, country, and singer-songwriter genres, creating a sound that is both energetic and melancholic. Her polished sound, combined with her growing momentum on social media, makes Frances Whitney an artist to watch this year. – Perry Avgerinos

Tiny Habits

Hometown: Boston, MA

Recommended Tracks: "tiny things," "landslide," "Mudroom"

Spotify Monthlies: 442,997

Whether it's opening for Noah Kahan in Europe, for Gracie Abrams in the U.S., or being one of the cover stars for Spotify's juniper playlist, one thing is clear – Tiny Habits might just be your favorite artists favorite artist.

The Boston formed three piece made up of Cinya Khan, Judah Mayowa, and Maya Rae consistently delivers some of the most mesmerizing harmonies, and although the band hasn't "blown up" in a streaming numbers context, it's safe to say that their time will come for that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the most recent video of them harmonizing in a stairwell, and you should catch up by listening to the recommended songs above. – Riley Furey

Sienna Spiro

Hometown: London, UK

Recommended Tracks: "NEED ME" (only track)

Spotify Monthlies: 84,915

Most times in life, all it takes is one to get a big break. Lucky for SIENNA SPIRO, one is all she has – and all she needs. Her debut single, “NEED ME,” is a classic piano ballad that provides the perfect setting for her impressive vocal runs, evocative songwriting, and dominating presence. Based in London and heavily inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Frank Ocean, and Amy Winehouse, SPIRO balances her influences without using them as a crutch, solid in her own perspective.

Bluntly honest in her writing, the 18-year-old’s voice has the power to convey strength while offering glimpses of weakness at timely moments. She arrives an already polished vocalist and assertive writer, two strengths that SPIRO will surely build on in what is to come. – Kieran Kohorst

Dylan Ault

Hometown: Costonia, Ohio

Recommended Tracks: “Upside Down,” “3-0,” “Taken For A Fool”

Spotify Monthlies: 136,198

Dylan Ault is rising quickly within the contemporary Country scene. Growing up in Ohio, Dylan was drawn to the roots of Country music, exploring the traditions and sounds of Appalachian Country and Folk, heard clearly within the use of fiddles in tracks like “3-0.” His sound fits perfectly within the same spaces of the most popular Country artists right now like Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers, while also creating his own distinct sound too.

In his latest single, “Better Off,” he makes the choice to use distorted guitars amongst the traditional Folk and Country sound, allowing for an incredible pay off. Dylan really shines the most through his lyricism, which the stripped back approach heard in most of his songs allows for. – Tawnie Vickers

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