Tiffany Day Takes A Look in The Mirror with Her New Release, “FEEL ALRIGHT”

Joe DelloStritto

Surging Pop singer Tiffany Day has kicked off 2021 with her new single, “FEEL ALRIGHT,” in which she decides to make the effort to “let go of the things she can’t control,” a mantra that 2020 has taught all of us. Fans get a more intimate look at the LA-based artist in this track, as she uses her classic sweet-sounding vocals to enjoy some introspection amidst a life moving a million miles per hour.

Tiffany Day’s loose yet tuneful melodies glide effortlessly over an unhurried backdrop, resulting in quite the relaxed aura. While the mood of the song may be relaxed, though, Tiffany Day is far from it. In the track, she sings:

"And if I could, escape my mind

Maybe for an hour, maybe I would find

A better place, to rest my eyes

So I could feel alright."

Although it’s no secret that Tiffany Day can flex her bundle of wide-ranging vocals, it’s this vulnerability, simplicity, and genuine lyricism that is going to continue to propel her career right along. After enjoying a 2020 with hits like “TWFNO” and “COMMITMENT ISSUES,” Tiffany has picked up right where she left off. This time around, count on “FEEL ALRIGHT” to provide some you with some comfort.

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