Q Crafts a Vulnerable Masterpiece with 'The Shave Experiment' [EP Review]

Rachael Jansky

To say 2020 was a big year for Q would be an understatement. After taking a brief hiatus from releasing music, the artist made waves with the release of “Take Me Where Your Heart Is,” a track off his EP The Shave Experiment.

The EP opens with “Garage Rooftop,” a slow and beautiful track showing off Q’s powerful falsetto and synth-heavy production that’s present throughout the rest of the project. The song flows into “Alone,” the second single off of the EP. “Alone” is a gut-wrenchingly honest and vulnerable track, as Q takes listeners through the complicated nature of isolation and helplessness.

The 21-year-old artist maintains a level of mystique that alludes to his inevitable stardom. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino, the R&B singer’s talent is undeniable. At just five tracks, The Shave Experiment manages to exemplify his versatility while still crafting a coherent project. The self-produced EP draws heavy inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s with impressive guitar riffs and heavy synths. Equally as delicate and beautiful as the production are the lyrics which speak to Q’s maturity and growing self-awareness. This project adds to the growing list of inimitable music being carefully crafted by Q.

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