Amie Blu Releases New EP, ‘crumbs in my bed’ [EP Review]

Milly Wensley

You may have seen her on TikTok wandering London with a tiny mic or you might know her biggest track “Are We Alright?,” but if you don’t know Amie Blu then let me introduce you! The south London Indie R&B singer has just released her latest EP, crumbs in my bed, showcasing six stunning tracks that explore mental health, personal struggles, and stories from her environment. Amie’s voice is gentle and nurturing, she hopes that listeners can find comfort in these tracks. For fans of Clairo, Beabadoobee, and Jhene Aiko delve into Amie’s new EP and discover something new! 

The EP opens with my personal favourite track “9 lives,” the production is soft and sounds like a Sunday. The whole EP feels like something you’d want to listen to just hanging out in your room. When you’re lying about thinking of everything this is the ultimate background track. “9 lives” put this experience into music with the lyrics “In a room alone, back to my thoughts I go.” However, I didn’t interpret it in an unproductive way more a comforting way, sometimes your room is your sanctuary. 

Another personal favourite and also a track Amie’s very proud of is “powder.” This track is written from the perspective of someone with a substance abuse problem. Someone who Amie knew and witnessed the toll it took on them. Being able to articulate such a personal struggle in a way that feels so tangible to others going through the same thing is truly a talent in itself. The entire EP collectively flows together incredibly partially thanks to Amie’s long-time collaborator and producer Humble. Being able to produce a full body of work that’s consistent sonically, and lyrically, and holds certain themes is a full package artistically. 

I’ve only highlighted two tracks here but there are four more that deserve just as much love. Although these are some of Amie Blu’s early days she’s already released some truly wonderful works. I’m excited to see where her career goes next. She’s had some amazing opportunities to perform live this year and I think this EP will elevate her setlists and make for a memorable live show. If your spending the day at home or going for a nice long walk play crumbs in my bed from start to finish, I promise you’ll find a few new favourites!

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