asianblonde. Introduce Themselves to the World on Self-Titled EP [EP Review]

Freddie Fine

Let me introduce you to your new favorite duo: asianblonde.. The British duo, consisting of Will Rhead, the Asian half, and Ed Fisher, the blonde half, have been slowly rising since their debut in 2022, but have really put things in gear since the release of the “slow down” in December of 2022 – one of my favorite tracks of the year. 

Now, 8 months later, they have concluded their rollout with the release of their self titled EP. asianblonde. is a six track dive into everything that the duo are able to do, showcasing a different aspect of their versatility on each track. Led by four singles, including the 2000s Justin Timberlake inspired “925” and the smooth, alternative melodies of “bby” with Nimstarr, and topped off by two new tracks, you truly get something new in each of the six. 

run away” brings a new club-pop sound to the asianblonde. discography, an ode to their hometown of London, singing, “She brought me out to London town.” “hazel” arrives as a slower, melancholic track, yet still containing the asianblonde. flair. The only bad thing about the EP? On the cover, Ed is wearing a Leeds kit. Throw an Arsenal kit on him instead and the project is an 11/10 instead of a 10/10. 

Check out asianblonde.’s self titled EP below:

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