Tino Szn Showcases Versatility on Recent Project, 'Sentient' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

Once again, Tino Szn's consistency and versatility proves he is next up out of North Carolina. There isn’t a style Tino Szn can’t shine on, and his recent project, Sentient, is a perfect example of his creativity.

If you want to see what I mean by his ability to switch genres and styles, look at the contrast of the hard-hitting “Danny Phantom” to the vibey pop-esque track, “Right Here.” “Living Sentient” takes more of a melodic approach with an entrancing lead that loops throughout. Tino Szn absolutely bodies the beat with a variety of flows and harmonies.

Another standout on Sentient is “Demon in the DM,” which features the only guest appearance on the project with a fantastic verse from Dustystaytrue. The outro, “Zetsu,” is a song that I can only imagine will bang at shows.

Tino Szn’s versatility in this project leaves me wanting even more, and he did it with only one feature which proves even more that he can entertain an audience through a full-length project on his own. I’ll definitely be bumping this project for the rest of the year.

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