Tino Szn Brings the Heat With His First Single of the Year, "Long Way Home"

Ian Hansen

North Carolina native and 17-year-old, Tino Szn, just dropped his first single of the year with “Long Way Home.” His sound is unique to North Carolina, with complex production, but simple hooks that are extremely catchy.

“Long Way Home” is a perfect example of this, as the intro starts simple and becomes more complex with these gated lead synths. It leads perfectly into an energetic chorus that will surely stay in the listeners head, as he says, “She said she want my heart, but my heart turn chrome.” Tapping into the formula of catchy song and an easy listen, Tino Szn continues to prove he will be around for the long term.

“I want people to know me as an artist that doesn’t stick to one sound, I wanna be as versatile as possible, because I want my music to be heard by everyone. A message I wanna convey is that you can come from nothing and as long as you apply yourself and believe, then you can accomplish anything, make your dream a reality."

The music video depicts Tino Szn growing up as a football star, and as the song progresses, those closest to Tino leave him behind showcasing the parallel of his growth and how his peers perceive him. As he finds more success he realizes he feels less connected to those close to him. Check out the full video below:

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