Top 5 Best Dressed Musicians

Olive Soki

When you’re a fan of a particular musician, it becomes more than just about the music. Their quirks, personality, style and interest also become of importance to you. This is where parasocial attachments come in. While I would love to delve into that tangled mess, I’d like to rank something more pleasant; fashion. Just like their art, a musician's lifestyle and fashion sense can become a source of inspiration for their fans, and can even go as far as to shift a culture altogether. Below I'll discuss some fashionable musical visionaries. Here are the five best dressed musicians in the industry.

Dua Lipa

Regularly featured in Vogue’s weekly ‘Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week’ column, Dua Lipa’s streetstyle is as effortlessly cool as what you would expect from any model off duty. Always finding the perfect balance between extravagant and casual, all her outfits feel Pinterest worthy. From her everyday big pants and small shirt fits, to her bigger designer moments — my favorite being the time she wore the classic Chopova Lowena kilt on a yacht — her style feels synonymous with the current “cool girl” aesthetic.


Remi Wolf

Endlessly colorful and quirky, much like her music, Remi Wolf’s style is especially unique. Practical and natural, her personal style speaks to the individualistic spirit that is slowly, but surely, spreading as people face the exhaustive and wasteful cycle created by microtrends. Usually sporting some fuzzy hat, and an impeccably layered ensemble sure to spark envy and admiration, Wolf’s style is practically unmistakable to anybody remotely familiar with her music and stylistic habits.


Tyler, The Creator

Obviously I had to mention Tyler, The Creator. From his Ode Future days to his current uniform style regiment, no matter the decade, Tyler’s style has always been cool. Somehow always in touch with  the zeitgeist, not necessarily influenced by it, but rather the beacon by which people loosely imitate, it’s come to a point where there is a bit of Tyler in the way any of his fans dress. A perfect combination of opulence and ease, he never fails to make items that would otherwise be considered stiff and preppy perfect for every occasion.



Every time I see pictures of beabadoobee or see videos of her performing at some festival, I always find myself considering ways to incorporate the garments she wears into my everyday life. Rather nostalgic — although I think it’s clear that the fashion industry has been hung up over the 90s for two decades now — her signature look perfectly reflects the 90s and 00s alt-rock scene. Perfectly pleated skirts and button up shirts paired with distressed tights and overworn oxfords, check. Impossibly casual halter tops and killer cargo pants, check. And don’t get me started on sweaters — to die for. No matter what she’s wearing, there will always be that part of my brain taking notes for my thrift spree.

Blood Orange

Ever so talented composer, singer, and producer, if there is one thing that is overlooked about Blood Orange it’s his impeccable style. One of my personal fashion inspos — particularly in the colder months - Devonte Hynes just knows how to pair very simple clothes and work his magic around them. Always sporting some sort of black on black on navy fit, there’s just something about the way he does it that just works perfectly. One of my favorite fashion moments of his was when he wore all white with the exception of a leather jacket, navy hat and oval sunglasses. He just seems to know exactly what works for him, and that’s something I will always respect and strive to achieve.

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