Trey Graves Wins Valentines Day with “need you too"

Joe DelloStritto

If you landed on Trey Graves’ Instagram page, you could easily guess he’s a musician, as his guitar features in almost every post. It’s a rarity to see the Memphis native without his guitar for good reason, though, as he grew up with a father who was a musician himself. Graves was only three-years-old when he picked up his first instrument, and it shows.

Now based in LA, Trey Graves drops his 5 song EP Fern. with the help of TiRon and Ayomari, who make up the music collective dubbed The Cafeteria Line. This EP serves as a Valentines Day gift for his long distance girlfriend, so it’s no surprise when the second song off the EP is titled “need you too.” In an alluring combination of old school style and new school taste, Graves floats over a dreamy, mellow beat with mellifluous vocals. An ear catching facet to Trey’s music is his ability to bend words to fit into his rhyme scheme. In “need you too.” he sings,

"I’m drunk off the love but I ain't sip the liter

And I can care less how it sound to my peers."

Typically, liter and peers doesn’t rhyme, but Graves manipulates the words to fit together perfectly. Beyond the phonetic melodies, his lyrics lack no substance. Clearly, if Trey doesn’t care how it sounds to his peers when he confesses his love for his girlfriend, he doesn’t care about any opinions outside of his own. The rapper, singer, and producer, and instrumentalist is only worried about one thing: being real to himself, and showing love to his lady. There aren’t too many out there like that anymore, so Graves is bound to stick out amongst a congested army of surging artists. If you’re looking for a vibe, Trey Graves just gave you one. Stream “need you too.” below.

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