Ty Lorenzo’s “under the weather” Is a New Age Pop and Pop Punk Masterpiece

Teddy Tran

Earlier this year when I had the privilege to talk to Ty Lorenzo about his music, he noted that he felt like he was “getting really close to a Ty Lorenzo sound.” With the release of his new single, “under the weather,” I believe that Ty has not only found his sound, but has gotten very close to perfecting it.

I fall apart, it's easier, than to keep myself together / Don’t call me up, keep it there, I feel under the weather,” sings Ty, backed by a beat packed with an abundance of heavy 808’s, computer-esque trap drums, and chopped audio effects that keep you on your toes. Ty’s raw vocals flow over the instrumental, and you can hear every emotion in every verse that Ty bleeds, as he fights his battles in a relationship. Seemingly out of nowhere, “under the weather" evolves into a full on and in-your-face modern pop punk banger that you can’t help but rock your head to. Ty’s punk inspirations come out to fight as he belts out verse after verse, while the traditional punk drums and electric guitar pound your ears. It's a total flip of a switch, yet the transition perfectly compliments the song as a whole. Pulling off such a dramatic switch of pace and energy is not an easy feat, yet Ty Lorenzo executes it seamlessly. This isn’t the first time he’s done it, either.

If you enjoy Ty Lorenzo’s music as much as I do, I would personally recommend listening to “loose cannon” and “hush." The pair of songs are great examples of Ty’s versatility and talent.

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