Ben Dolic Shares His Story On Latest Track “How I’m Feeling”

Milly Wensley
Amy Miller

If you turn to music for a sense of comfort and understanding Ben Dolic is here to help you feel seen. His emotionally charged lyricism brings topics such as mental health, self-expression, love, and relationships to the forefront. Ben grew up surrounded by a community where men being open and honest about their feelings was discouraged. Seeing how this toxic mindset took a toll on those around him Ben wanted to use music as encouragement for others. With songs like his latest release "How I’m Feeling” he hopes to inspire all of his listeners to feel comfortable opening up about their emotions. 

Looking at the title it’s pretty clear Ben’s latest track will help you do just that. “How I’m Feeling” shares his personal experience with masking your struggles from the world by forcing a smile and convincing everyone around you that everything is okay. It puts into words that moment where “How are you?” sets you over the edge in the most difficult times. While the song may seem sad on the surface, it carries a message of encouragement as well. As long as you keep working on yourself, everything will be alright. 

Not only do the lyrics carry emotional meaning, the production beautifully compliments the message. With a heavy influence from Jeremy Zucker, the music is gentle yet powerful. A soft guitar strum carries us through the intro, gradually getting more dynamic while the lyrics become increasingly passionate. By the end of the song, you’ll want to have the windows down singing along as loud as you can to get it all out. The vulnerability that Ben reveals with this track goes to show how he’ll inspire others to express themselves. 

If you’re not familiar with Ben Dolic’s other works he’s building a steady catalog of equally moving releases. It’s early days for Ben but the talent proves to be strong and ever growing with each new story he tells. Pay attention to what comes next and pick a few favorites for your feels playlist in the meantime. 

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