Lu Is In His Own World On “BUTTERFLY DOORS”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: ListenUp!

With a new album just around the way, Miami rapper Lu shares single “BUTTERFLY DOORS,” a dynamic track featuring measured push and pull in his respective hip-hop and R&B influences. The self-assured nature that informs Lu’s personality manifests itself in his performance on the track - his raps come through with tenacity and charisma, his falsetto easing any tension and bordering on ethereal. With standout production, the track comes together as an all-around hit, good for the playlist and better for the ego.

“BUTTERFLY DOORS” is set to appear on Lu’s upcoming album PALOMA, due September 1, a project that is sure to continue the South Florida rapper’s evolution and exploration of other genres. Already in his music he has flashed sounds of pop, rap, and R&B, with his sights set on an alt-pop breakthrough on PALOMA. Lu’s growth and curiosity as an artist likely stems from the influences he keeps close to him: as a member of the collective All But 6, Lu collaborates with fellow members Pouya, Fat Nick, Kxllswxtch, Mikey the Magician, and Shakewell. When also considering his early influences of Lil Wayne, Odd Future, and Childish Gambino, it's no surprise Lu is willing to test the bounds of his creativity. With the release of PALOMA growing near, “BUTTERFLY DOORS” builds on the excitement of what is to come. 

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