Wallice Reflects and Projects on Newest EP '90s American Superstar' [EP Review]

Kieran Kohorst

The growth of the indie space in recent years has allowed artists to expand their imagination in regard to their career potential. While some may see themselves growing into roles as a conventional pop star, a festival headliner, a regular on playlists, or a cult favorite – true to her artistic persona – Wallice isn’t interested in the conventional. Both in the title of her new EP and the track of the same name, she proclaims herself as a “‘90’s American Superstar,” providing evidence of classic romantic comedy films throughout her lyrics to fully encapsulate the era. The EP effectively doubled Wallice’s discography, adding to the eclectic and self-identifying sound that has grown her figure in recent years. 

The open and close of the EP are paradoxically positioned, with the first track reflecting on Wallice’s past experiences and the finale looking forward to, ironically enough, her funeral. Through it all, it is her charisma that drives the project forward and makes her a voice worth listening to. Even when she is alluding to putting her casket in a muscle car and pregaming her funeral at her boyfriend’s house, the track’s genuine performance and not-so-sarcastic celebration makes the otherwise inauspicious topic incredibly enjoyable. Wallice’s personality turns up all over the project, expanding on the humor and brutal honesty found on 2021’s Off The Rails. While the 90’s are too far gone, the future seems right in front of us, and Wallice has plenty of time and talent to makes herself into the "American Superstar" she aspires to be.

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