Artist Spotlight: Wesson Desir

Joe DelloStritto

Wesson Desir is reviving introspective and lyrical rap while simultaneously leading the next wave of popular music. The 22-year old artist stands out amongst the crowd with his distinct voice and unpredictable rhyme patterns. Freshly signed to 88 Classic / RCA Records, Wesson Desir released his debut album “Apollo Archives,” which he says is a “collection of archived ideas, raw emotion, and moments in time that I designed.” ⁣

Wesson Desir shows versatility in his debut album, switching between carefree melodies extending on unforeseen syllables and dense lyrical rap. Creating a cerebral experience, the Atlanta rapper seems to choose each lyric with the care of a poet. One things for sure–his days of waiting tables to get by may very well be in the past.

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