Who is 5K 808Mafia?

Ian Hansen

As somebody who produces music, I love seeing other producers doing more than just making beats, and that is exactly what 5K 808Mafia is doing. The Florida producer just released his first single of the year with Rellyski, “Fumble That,” and it is full of exuberant flows and calming synths that fit his pocket well.

5K 808Mafia started to gain traction in 2018 thanks to his potent beats that were undeniable. His style of music was inspired by the likes of Southside and Metro Boomin, and he has worked with the likes of Hotboii, Boosie, and Pyrex to name a few. He has crafted his own unique style in the process, and looks to keep building with like minded artists such as Rellyski.

Like many of the producers in 808 Mafia, 5K 808Mafia is taking his artist career to another level, and I am thrilled to hear more from him this year. 5K 808Mafia is a name to look out for not only as a producer, but as an artist. 

Monthly Listeners: 1,212

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