Who Is Alemeda?

Ben Wego

With her high heels and vibrant eyeshadow, Sudanese/Ethiopian Indie singer, Alemeda, radiates confidence and is a rising force in the alternative pop scene. 

Growing up in a strict religious household, she was withheld from any pop culture exposure, forcing her to sneak on to her family’s clock radio to discover up and coming music. She started writing diary entries and developing her vocal talent through posting covers and entering in talent shows.

Her latest release “First Love Song” is an indie-alt-pop song masterfully interwoven with her majestic vocals. Alemeda took inspirations for “First Love Song” from artists like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Her unique sugary vocals blend with nostalgic bass and drum instrumentals and soulful harmonies (reminscient of songs like “Prom” by SZA and “Golden” by Harry Styles). 

“First Love Song” is a song that describes the feeling of falling in love with a crush and dealing with the frustration of jealousy and longing – “I hated that bitch takin' up your time / Should've told her off like, ‘Bitch, he's mine’ / But I couldn't, I couldn't say what I wanted.” Alemeda’s songwriting is raw and metaphorical – “I used to kick rocks at myself always / Ran away from love like a 10k race / Somehow you made it pick up its pace.”  

Alameda channels glittery  pop with earnest lyricism, sometimes deliciously delirious and satirical (“Post Nut Clarity,” “Gonna Bleach My Eyebrows”) that triumphantly expresses themes of heartbreak and growing up (“First Love Song,” “UR SO FULL OF IT”)

Current Spotify Monthly Listeners: 228,352

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